MESSES. EDITOES:—The inside of my boiler is as bright as when new ; and for the last three years I have dona nothing but put into it a stick of oak timber as long as the boiler, or several of them if I had not oiie long enough; said sticks being large enough not to fall through between the ilues. I throw the old ones out, and put in new ones as often as I clean out the boiler, which is, perhaps, after every thirty or forty days running. The water I use is, probably, not the worst to be found, but it is bad enough to form a considerable crust; the first six days I used it without doing anything for the prevention of crust. H. Goeppee. [This arrangement is very simple, and may be of use to some of our boiler-owning subscribers, who will, no doubt, try it, and let us know the result. For any information on super-heated steam we must refer our contributor to the correspondence column, where, in an answer to S. W. E., of Vt., he will find our opinion on the subject.Eds.