Some months ago, Charles Morey, an American inventor, was temporarily imprisoned at Paris, and while gazing out of the window of the prison, was suddenly shot dead by a soldier on guard below. The soldier had misconstrued the orders of his superior officers. Through the efforts of the American Minister, Mr. Mason, the French government has lately teen induced to grant to Mrs. Morey, the widow, the sum of $15,000, as indemnity money for the loss of her husband. Charles Morey was well known in this country, for his inventions. Morey &Johnson's patent was one of the earliest sewing machines—a species of mechanism that is now rapidly finding its way into every household. AN INTERESTING SPECTACLE.—A political party in the City Hall Park (New York), rejoicing over a victory by consuming a generous quantity of powder at fifty cents a pound, and having for spectators a crowd of starving people smoking segars. A MODEL.—We have received a model of a mathematical instrument, which awaits proper advices from the inventor. There is no name on it, therefore we cannot find out its origin.