For which Letters Patent of the , United States were Granted June 1, 1886, And Each Bearing That Date. [See note at end of list about copies of these patents.] Acid. manufacture of sulphuric. U. Cummings342.785 Addressing machine. J. A. Truesdell 343,091 Air compressor, hydraulic. E. M. Hugentobler— 343.798 Animal assorting device, C. F. Shedd 342.977 Axle cutter, R. D. McGee 343.058 Axlelubricator, car, F. G. Brownell 343,004 Baby jumper. swing, and reclining chair. combined. Abbey&French 342.855 Baby walker, A. Halstenbach343,026 Bag or portmanteau. O. Seefels 348.073 Bearing, ball, W. H. Wright 342,891 Beer, apparatus for the preservation of, Hazlet & Bennett 343,125 Bell ringer, E. G.Nutting 343,: Belting, coupling for round. D. C. Smith8C!,S50 Berth. automatic ship's. J. B. Secor343.072 Bicycle. D. H. Rice 342,878 Bicycle saddle. J. Payne: 342,925 Binder. temporary, W. D. Ready 843,6 Blacking box, C. H. Jackson Blast heating oven, air. E. Peckham343,061 Blotter, revolving, J. A. Cook 342,781 Board. See Ironing board. Boiler furnace, E. J. C. Kelly 343,128 Book holder, L. M. Snyder 343,065 Boot, felt, D. F. Messer 343,185 Boot or shoe. I?. Moor .342.806 Boot or shoe heel, J. H. Peters. Boot or shoe sole, L. E. Moore 343,051 Boot, quarter, J. H. Fenton 342,790 Boots. shoes. and stockings. process of and apparatus for making felt, O. E. Wallace 342.943 Bottle. medicine. B. G. Olson 342.831 Bottle wrapper, C. G. Biedinger 342,818 Bows or neckties, combined spring fastener and shield for, W. Dewart 343,862 Box. See Blacking box. Fare box. Musical cigar show box. Stuffing box. Box nailing machine, W. Edwards342,788 Box strap, R. G. Valentine'. Brlcket. See Lamp bracket. Brake. See Railway brake. Vehicle brake. Brick kiln, O. O. Phillips 342,926 Brooder, W. F1. Price 343,064. Buckle, M. Vandercook 842,\& Buckle. M. E. Zeller 343,097 Buckle for saddles, S. T. Butler MS.OO6 Buckle, trace. J. Fischer 848,ll8 Burnishing machine. H. Crary 342,783 Butter, apparatus for testing, L. Fagersten342.865 Calculator. G. F. Hawley312.796 Calendar, perpetual dial, C. R. Talcott 343,9811 Camera plate holder, L. Koss 343,914 Can. See Powder can. Car coupling, J. A. Craig343,109 Car coupling. '1'. Diemor348,825 Car coupling, S. Haltom 342.798 Car coupling, L. A. lloughtaling42,797 Car coupling, W. B. Little343,967 Car coupling. M. SpelmanM3.086 Car coupling links. machine for bending andlweld- ing, J. D. Bowman343,M8 Car starter, Hansen&Fischer342,959 Car starter, S. Rockafellow 342,846 Car starter and brake, J. W.&G. R. Strickle343,1" Carbureting air or gas, apparatus for, C. B. Dudley 343,863 Card feeding mechanism, etc., endless metallic apron for. W. C. Bramwell342,948 Card receiver, outside, A. Moore Carding horse hair, machine for. L. Zaller342,945 Carrier. See Cash and parcel carrier. Cart. hand, J. R. Fitzhugh342,905 Case. See Map case. Cash and parcel carrier, D. W. Miller 842,921 Caster. furniture, S. H. Raymond 842,00 Caster holder for furniture. C. E. Ongley842,Ir.O Cement, manufacture of, U. Cummings342,784 Chair. See Children's chair. Chair and table. convertible, C. EL Schleier&12.847 Chair bottoms. manchine for caning, J. S. Hodgson 842,968 Chairs. adjustable head rest for, J. Hogan842,880 Chickens of the gapes, device for curing, B. B. Walker343,1<5 Child's chair, . A. Parker 343,841 Chper. See Cotton chopper. CK, L. Doell 343,016 Churn dasher, J. R. Palmer842.839 Churning device, .T. S. Dickey843,015 Cigar lighter. J. M. King.842.918 Clamp. See Dam clamp. Clasp, C. C. Shelby 342,987 Clevis, G. F. Walter842,887 Clod crusher and land marker. combined. A. Bart- mes et al. 842,905 Clod crusher and pulverizer. C. C. Marchand- Clothes rack, W. H. Ertell 342.954 Coal breaker. G. R. Root842.Bl Cock, automatic cylinder. Maines&Nugent342,801 Coffee roaster, E. E. Mueller 842,834 Collar pad attaching device, horse, E. P. Bobbins. 842,981 Combination lock, H. C. Griffin 842,958 Compression roll for slashers. etc, expanding. G. P. Whitman 342,889 Condensing and cooling apparatus, H. Hocking... 342,871 Cooling and refrigerating apparatus. E. Kauffeld.. 343,085 Core material, W. N. Gartside 342,906 Corn husker, D. T. Phillips842.807 Cotton chopper, W. H. Richardson343,1W Coupling. See Car coupling. Hose coupling. Crusher. See Clod crusher. Rock crusher. Cultivator and corn planter, combined, J. R. Gilli- land342,791 Cutter. See Axle cutter. Feed cutter. Finger nail cutter. Knee cutter. Rope cutter. ThriiShing machine band cutter. Desk, T. Little343,041 Desk andbureau or otherpieceof furniture, combined writing. H. Stolte. 842,883 Digger. See Post hole digger. Potato digger. Door, combined storm and screen, A. Lloyd 8842,892 Drawing roll and saddle therefor, top, E. J. Carroll et aI342.779 Drop light and chandelier. J. Trlgge 842,982 Electric cable, multiple. J. J. C.&M. Smith343,082 Electric CllIles, lIlllg, J. J. C. M. Smith (39) A. M. asks : What kind of sizing and varnisn is used to obtain the best gloss on maps, cards, etc.? “ A. The following is an excellent receipt for map, varnish: Canada.balsam and clear white resin, of each 6 ounces, oil of turpentine 1 quart; dissolve. Applywith brush. r (40) R. L. desires a formula for making a prepared glue hat will repair all kinds of articles and always be ready for use. A. Dissolve 8 ounces best glue :with % pint of water, and add slowly 2 ounces strong aqua fortis (nitric_acid), 36° Baume, stirring all the while. Keep well corked. (41)J. A. M. asks how to make corks airtight besides covering them with tin caps. A. Dip the top of the corked bottle in melted paraffine or melted beeswax before putting on the cap. (42)E. C. F. asks (1) if peroxide of hydrogen is the best blondiue. A. The best 'Ye know of. 2. Is it perfectly harmless? A. It is a poison. 3. Is it used diluted; if so, to what extent can it be diluted ? A. It is diluted. A ten per cent solution might be used. 4. How many applications does it require,and will the color vary from dark to very light in proportion, and how lasting the shade? A. It should be applied in rather small quantity and in successive applications until the right color is reached. The shade is permanent, but,of course, as the hair grows the original color will show at the roots. and extend upward with the growth of the hair. (43)W. C. H. asks : 1. How can I finish and polish buffalo horns nicely? Is it best to use varnish? A. With sand paper of increasing fineness, and finish with. ground pumice stone and water. 2. Can hydrogen gJl be safely and economically used in an oxy- calcium stereopticon fitted for burning house gas? A. It can be, hut with increased liability to snap back. 3. What candle power does a No. 2 kerosene burner give when trimmed so as to give its best light and using 150° fire test oil? A. 6 to 8 candles. 4. In a bichromate plunge battery, does the E. F., or the quantity of current, decrease as the battery runs down ? A. The E. M. F. runs down quite rapidly. 5. Will a sufficient number of such cells maintain an electric light for a reasonable length of time, say 2 to 3 hours. without change of solution or cleaning plates? A. They will. (44)E. F. F. asks he how can make chloride of gold, such as photographers use, out of a gold dollar. A. Boil in hydrochloric acid, dropping in from time to time nitric acid..When completely dissolved, evaporate down until the acid gives off but little odor, and dilute after cooling. MINERALS, ETC.—eci mens have been received from the following correspondents, and examined with the results stated. B. F. P.-The mineral is selenite (hydrous sulphate of lime), when ground, it is. used as a fertilizer. When bed and ground, it is the so-called plaster of Paris. It is worth in New York about $2.85 per long ton.- G. W.—No. 1 contains pyrite and magnetite. No value. No. 2. Pyrite; no val ue.—M. IIf. K.—The specimen is' limestone and not likely to contain anything of value.— C. H. La P.-The mineral is pyrite (sulphide of iron). It has no value.-S. K B.—The specimens are not gold, but simply mica, and ofno value. 396 >mmtm. [J UNE I 9, 1886. Electric cables. manufacture of, J. J. O. Smith 343, Electric conductors, manufacturing, E. G. Ache- son 343,09 Electric conductors. vulcanizing the insulating covering of. M. Smith. 843,084 Electric lights, house wiring for. Stieringer & Vail 348,081 Electric machine. dynamo. A. G. Ketchum343.129 Electrical distribution. system of. 'I'. A. Kdison ... 343,017 Electricity. conductor of. E. G. Acheson 312,8!12 Elevator. See Wagon box elevator•. Water elevator. Elevator boot. C. Esplin 342,955 Engine. See Pulp beating engine. Steam en- pine. Envelope sealing apparatus. B. F. Brown 342.821 Eraser and pencil holder, rubber, J. Cain 843.007 Fare box, portable, Friede&Johnston... 34.1.120 Faucet, water. L. E. Clark 343.106, Feed cutter. J. Buck... 342,859 Feeding salt or compressed feed to cattle. device for. Thompson& 342,885 Fence. G. A. Cooke 3iS.l07 Fence post. S. J. Munn 342,922 Fiber from fiber plants, manufacture of. H. R. Randall 342.843 Fiber plants or material for the production of fibers. apparatus lor treating, H. R. Randall... 342.842 Fifth wheel. R. M.&W. J. Lawrence 31.3.039 File. E. A. Kittell 342.831 File F. D. Moore 343.1.16 Filling machine. turn over. Bratby&Chadwick . . 843,001 Finger nailcutter.G.H. Coates 342,780 Firearm, breech-loading. D. M. Lefever348.040 Fire escape. D. P. Barrett 842.866 Fire escape. G. W. Putnam 342,810 Fire escape ladder, A. ,0. Nordenborg 3.42,924 Fire escape, portable. J. B. Bray 342,820 Fire kindler, F. I,. Stewart 342.814 Fireplace, A. T. BeiIDett 342.776 Fishing tackle. G. Ritter 842.BI4 Floor washer. B. Feniandez y Rabeiro 34.1,019 Mushingtank, A. Rosewater 348.069 Fruit basket cover. F. Springhorn 342,81>1 Furoace . See Boiler furnace. Gas furnace. Heating furnace. Furnace for melting metal in crucibles. gas. H. H. Garrett 343,122 Furniture spring. O. S.&W. S. Foster 341.022 Furniture. woven cord, Jj. P. Nelson 34:2,836 'Game apparatus, F.P. Stlker 3(3,088 Gate. See Railway gate. .. Water gate. Gearing, B. D. Whitney ?? 343,094 Generator. . See Steam generator. Glass. iron. .etc., gas furnaoefor melting. L. Whit- taker 342, Glass. etc., machine for grinding. Seyer&Richard 342,935 Glassware. manufacture of opalescent. T.eighton, Jr.,&Russell 343,133 Glassware. manufacture of variegated. D. Chall- inor 342,898 Glove. Mays&Pepys 342.&'lS Grader. road. A. V. Pitts 842.808 Grain binder. H. E. Pridmore 843,152 Grain meter. automatic. E. N. Williamson 342,854 Grater. M.. Schaible 843,141 Harrow. disk. C. I,a Dow 348,1® Harvester. W. R Baker,.. 343,147 Harvester, 'a. Brown.....!\..i.7.... 313,002 Harvester. H. “ J • II. SlJl,ith... c,. 343,078 Harvester, grain, WW. F. Olin 842.969 Harvester,wheel,. W. R. Baker 343,148 Hay knife, W. H. Gaines 342,957 Hay rake. horse. C. La Dow 348.181 Heating furnace. Felty&Floyd 842.964 Heel nailing machine. A •. Davis, .. 842,786 Holder. See Book holder. Camera plate holder. Rein holder. Tag holder. Whip and rein holder. Hook. See Snap hook. Hop press. A. Meyer 342,805 Horse blanket. C. H. Magoon 842.80 Horses. feed bag for. E. Dawson 842,951 Horses. stall lor handling vicious. C. F. Shedd 342.976 Horseshoe. J. P. Dudley 843,115 Hose coupling. Symes&Buchtel 34.3.089 Hose spanner. F. B. Munroe312.923 Hosiery. manufacturing, Borton&Willcox (r> — 10.730 Ice shaver grip, I. C. Souders 342,813 Incubators. etc.. automatic regulator for. P. C. Morse 343,053 Induction coil, A. M. A. Beale 342,947 Ingot mould. Matthes&Lash 342.920 Injector. steam,' W. Penberthy843,139 Ironing board. G. Manley 843,945 Jack. See Wagon jack. Joint. See Rail joint. Jump seat, G. H. HuttOD 342.964 Kiln. See Brick kiln. Knee cutter. T. C. Belding, 343,100 Knife. See Hay kn ife. Shoemaker's knife.* Knitting machines, stop motion for. J. Byfleld .. .. 3423 Lacing bearing, E. R. Spencer 342.940 Lacing bearing,,!. C. Wilson 343.146 Ladder. sectional, J. T., Hartwell.842,90 Lamp. W. Duffield 842,828 Lamp, D. H.. Murphy. 343,187 Lamp bracket, H. E Bera.s 342.997 Lamp, regenerative gas. Scotchmer&Young 343,142 Lamp. spring balance. E. H. Wheeler 843,()9.3 Lantern. C. E. Meier._ 348,048 Lathe for turning crank . axles. attachment for. W. Beers 842,895 Lathe, tubular cutter. R. G. Burleigh 842.822 Leather rolling machine. C. S. Ames 342.946 Leather splitting machines, knife for, G. L. Tyler 842.983 Life raft, C. J. Hendry 843,028 Lock. See Combination lock. Nut lock. Loom for weaving tufted, fabrics. Crompton & Wyman343.01.1, 343,110 to 343,113 Lubricator. See Axle lubricator. Lumber cutting machine. H. S. Smith 342.989 Magnets. device for controlling the movements of the armatures of electro. C. L. Clarke 343,008 Map case. S. E. Nutting313,(8) Measuring electric currents, apparatus for, P. Cardew 342,717 Meter. See Grain meter. Mill. See Grinding mill. Roller mill. Windmill. Mould. See Ingot mould. Moulds. flask weight for, A. Smith 312,8&2 Motors. electrical stopping device for. Leigh & Townend 342,872 Mower and reaper knives. grinding machine for. E. H. Fenton 842.789 Mower. lawn, C. W. Cheney3(2.90 Music boxes. zither attachment for. A. Sueurl342.979 Musical cigar show box,- A. Ward. 342.966 Musical instrument, mechanical. F. E. P. Ehrlich. 313,116 Nail making-machine, F. F. Raymond, 2d842,929 Neokties, soal'fil, eto, fastener for. 0. 0. Shelby... 1142.931 Needle, E. A. Bailey842,713 Nut lock. J. Bare 342,994 Ore crusher, M. Hoagland, Jr 342,870 Organ. pipe. M. P. Moller.. 848,949 Packing for valve stems' and piston rods. F.-G. Brownell'. 84300 Packing. piston, W. A. Boyden 842,819 Packing. piston. T.B. Purves;.'. 843,060 Paper fabric. making. C. P. Wyman 842.8 Paper from bark. manufacture of. J. M. Allen842,991 Parasol or umbrella, J. T. Smith343,079, 318(8), Pavements. stamp or die for cement. C. Sutton.... 842,980 Paving. roofing, and building compound, A. Walrath842.82 Pencils. erasive guard for writing, W. K. Foster.. 842,96 Perch for fowls. I. J. Baxter, Jr 842,894 Percolator, J. Berry 342,998 Picture exhibitor. P. Klemann848,130, Piston for steam cylinders. balanced, T. Joyce— 342,966 Plow. J. B. Brown 842.896 Plow. sulky, S. Rockafellow. 342.845 Plow. sulky. C. Russ. ; ... 348,071 Post. See Fence post. Post hole digger. L. Y. Myers . 342.885 Potato digger and coverer, C.,F. Plumb848.063 Powder can. H. H. Hull...,. 348,126 Press. See Hop press. Printer's case stand and galley tray, N. C. Hawks. 342.796 Printing machine. cylinder, J. T. Hawkins 848,027 Pulley, H. T. Farnsworth-'843,013 Pulley, M. McAleenan -..;..'..... 842.804 Pulley, belt. W. J. Innis 342.910 Pulp beating engine. F. J. Marshall 342.802 Pump. beer. M. L. Deering: .. 842.901 Punch and register. ticket. Thorpe&Richardson 842,090 Pyrotechnic throwing device, Eo C. Bruen 343.103 Quilting machine,, A. Hildt34.3,029 Rack. S6e Clothes. rack. Rail joint. Guillaume&Fish 343,124 Railway brake. J. Kernaghan 342,799 Railway. electric, E. M. Bentley. 343,101 Railway. electrical. S. H. Short 843,0'76 Railway gate. Jacobs&Houston 843,034 Railway points, etc., signal apparatus for, H. Johnson 342,911 Railway signal. Rosewell&Conger 343,070 Railway signal. automatic. J. J. Hamilton 342.968 Railway Switch. frogless automatic, Morgan & Baker .... '. 843,052 Railway tie, Warner&Deakin 34:2,987 Railways. link cable for street. S. R. Mathewson .. 342.803 Reaper knife sharpener. J. Houghton 343.030, Regulator. See Watch regulator. Rein holder. W. P. Tullock 3(8,092 Rein holder. V. Zevley 848.098 Ring. See Spinning ring. Roaster. See Coffee roaster. Rock crusher, J. O. Bosworth 312.99 Rock drill and well boring machine, W. C. Wells (r) 10.731 Roller mill. O'Neil&Young 342.8.18 Rope cutter, J. R. Gallinger 313.121 Rubber dam clamp. F. Eschauzier 348.117 Saddle. gig, M. Schrand 342,8(8 Sandpapering machine. C. Roehr: .... 8(2.932 Satchel frames, etc.. fastening for, L. B. Prahar'.. 342,974 Satchels. handle fastening for hand, L. B.' Prahar 842.913 Sausage stuffer. Siereveid&Stallman .. 343,077 Saw, drag, W. H. YaJl'8l..;•••:••.•. 343,096 St\.w guide. W. F. Parish 342,876 Sawmills. transfer apparatus for, G. W. Loggie.... 842.918 Sawing machine feed table. D. J. Murray... -348.057 Scalper, R. Bing842,867 Screw cutting machine, C. W. Bowden 343,102 Screwdriver, E. D. King Seat. See Jump seat. Settee. folding. N. J. Walsworth 312.886 Sewing machine. J. Kayser 343,086 Shells, machine tor drawing metallic, J. S. Palmer 842,840 Shirt. S. Butz 348.006 Shoe. W. F. Maurer 848,947 Shoemaker's knife, W. L. Van Meter 342,985 Shoes. machine for slitting and preparing soles for turned. W. Wickersham 342.896 Shovel. See Snow shovel. Shutter fastener. S. H. Haas 342,792 Signal. See Railway signal. Signaling apparatus. automatic block. T. W. Burt. 342,860 Silver ores. working copperous, F. Ernst 842.968 Sled runner. bob. J. Moses 343.054 Sleigh body, W. Chase 842,899 Snap hook. harness. J. A. Park 342.877 Snow shovel. W. H. Hicks 342,961 SOdium and potaSSium, manufacture of. H. Y. Castner 342,897 Speculum, rectal, J. R. Hamilton 342,794 Spindle be::. :/T. Meats 842: Spinning frame, ring. W. E. Sharples 311.074 Spinning machines, top roll saddle for. E. J. Carroll etal 343.778 Spinning ring, E. Leak,-.... 318,151 Spring. See Furniture spring. Vehicle spring. , Spring bending machine. J. W. Gray;313.123 Square. folding. A. E. Seltzer 342,(49 Stand. See Printer's case stand. Washtub ' stand... I Steam engine. C. R. Crane;312.782 Steam generator. W. H. Page 312.875 Steam generators. section for. E. R. Bryant S43.104 Steamer or urn, cofltee, J. S. Sanborn842,S79 Steel. R. Hadfield 812,867, 342,868 Steel. making, R. Hadfield 342.869 Stocking supporter, C. C. Shelby 842.938 Stone dressing apparatus. J. D. Brunton 342.861 Stove. heater, and furnace. T. Poore 342,809 Stove. heating. J. McMaster81.2,968 Stove leg and caster. F.'M. Hunting 343.ool Stove. vapor. M. J,. Hull 348.127 Stoves, door for cooking, J. A. Price 842,928 Strap. See Box strap. Stuffing box. H. Strater, 812,816 Sugar, etc., apparatus for the manufacture of. J. ' A. Cook , 848,108 Sulky stirrup. T. D. Aitken 312.772 Switch. See Railway switch. Switch and signal apparatus. T. Hambay 312.967 Table. See Sawing machinflHeed table. Tag holder, C. E. Ongley 342.971 Tap. W. Murchey 843.056 Tapping machine. Garvin Hadley 312.86 Telegraph. automatic printing. E. J. Mallett 343,942 Telegraph. railway. C. W. Williams 31,1,095 Telegraphy. automatic, E J. Mallett84.1.943. 843,944 Telephone lines. preventing disturbances on, . Dann.& Iapp 843,014* Telephone repeater. induction. S. F. Shelbourne.. 842,881 Telephone transmitter. A. Beale .... . 842,775 Thrashing machine band cutter and feeder, J. P. & W. D. Fleming &8,02i Threshold, device to be substituted lor, c. M. “ Haven' 8C2.8B9 Ticket, railway, W. A. Thrall. 842,94: Tie. See Railway'tie. Tongs, W. H. Evans...,842,,82'1 Tongs. die for- making blanks for pipe, Smith & Fawcett.8(3,15 Tongue, wwn, J. L. Hall 842,82! Tool, combination, J. A. Stone312,& Toy pistol. A. B. Austin....... 842,88 Traction-wheels. lug for. Kennedy&Steward842,912 Triturator, L. Sherman 343,07! Truck, hand, J. Caldwell 312,950 Truck, hand, C. W. Smith 342,97S Truck, stove. J. Thilxter 842,816 Tube expander. P. Fitzgibbons 843,alO Tug. spring draught. J. M. Rohrer 843,68 Twisters. etc., stop motion for, C. F. Alexander... 842,90 Type distributing machine, H. C. Leland 842,9K Valve indicator for steam engines, A. L. Ide843,002 Valves, fitting for steam and other. J. G. Whit- lock 312,853 Valves, muffler for steam, T. E. Hill842,96! Vehicle brake. R. H. Sayre 842,93! Vehicle spring. W. L Purple ... 843,Ili3 Vehicle step. D. F. Winters 842,817 Vehicle top. V. A. Menuez 842,874 Vehicle. two-wheeled. Barber&Croft 342.3 Vehicle, two-wheeled, C. S. Beebe842.996 Vehicle. two-wheeled. W. H. Long843,184 Velocipede, C. S. Leddell;842,916 Velocipede, T. N. Petersen842.972 Velocipede. J. H. Schulze842.9lU Ventilator, P. R. Addoms 842.989 Vise. pipe and rod. J. G. Baker 842.992 Wagon bodies, aular corner for, J. F. Roeking.. 842,067 Wagon box elevator and dump, W. Scarborough .. 842.880 Wagon chair and walker for babies, combined. I. C. Price 842.921 Wagon. dumping. H. C. Conkle843.U11 Wagon jack. W. T. Easterday 842,9IiS Wagon running gear. G. Delker 843.114 Walking stick and brush. combined. W. E. Coster 842.012 Warping machines, stop mechanism for, G. S. Follansbee84.1,119 Washtub stand. H. Geisler843,023 Washer. See Floor washer. Watch pouch. M. Dooley 842,952 Watch regulator, N. J. Eddy 842,864 Watch springs, machine for treating metal ribbon for, J. Logan 842.917 Watch, stop, E. J. A. Dupuis 3(8.149 Water closet bowls. coupling for. T. McHugh843,.1'lS Water conductor. sheet metal. Gordon&Gilbert.. 842,026 Water conductors, machine for making sheet metal. Gordon&Gilbert 843.024 Water elevator. G. J. Mansfield,. ...., ... 842,919 Water gate, J. M. Sanders 342,975 Weigher. automatic grain. E. Dickson 842,902 Weighing mechanism for wool and other fiber, W. C. Bramwell: 842.949 Well tubes and poles. clamp for holding. B. Wheeler8428S8 Wheel. See Fifth wheel. Harvester wheel. Whiffletree. L. L. James 312,96 Whiffletree attachment. L. C. Butch 3(8.105 Whip and rein holder. combined. Moulton&Coe. 348.056 Windmill, F. P. Bouteiller843.00 Window fastening. L. C. Baldwin'. 842,774 Wire. apparatus for heating, E Clifton 3(8,010 Wire for making and mendi1lg;wire and picket fence.; device fortWistfn«<H\yner&Oirens. . Wire. machine for making barbed. C. D. Rogers. • 843.1M Wire stretcher, H. Clemons... 843,00 Wool scouring machine, C. P. Smith... 842.812 Wrench. J. K. Clark 342,824 Wrench, A. Langstrom3(8.08 Yarns to the spindles on spinning jacks or mules In the operation of dolling, mechanism for clamping, W. F. Durgin842,787 Yoke retainer, neck, J. H. Klinkner 3(8.087 DESIGNS. Brooch or scarf pin, E. L. Logee.16,717 Clock stank. H. J. Muller16.714 Glass vessel. W. A. Wood16.720 Lace pin. E. L. Logee 16,718 Scarf pin, J. F. Morse16.719 Spoon and fork handle, H. W. Hirschfeld]6.718 Type, H. Ihlenburg16.715 Type, W. W. Jackson16,716 TRADE MARKS. Agricultural implements. J. Dunn18,846 A.nti-explosive compounds used in kerosene larups and kerosene stoves. Heinrichs&Co13,858 Bitters. D. Flannery13,350 Cottoft duck. J. Dunn 13.344 Cotton goods, Boott Cotton Mills13,341 Coverlets and rugs of sheep's wool, camel's and other animals' hair. Greve&Uhl13.352 Edge tools. J. Dunn13,84.5 Gum. chewing. B. Ward13,386 Flair nets. A. G . J ennings&Sons1S.3M Harmonicas. J. Rosenthal&Co18,862 races for corsets and boots and shoes, Fletcher Manufacturing Company13,361 Liniment. J • J . Six Dykstra13,364 Liniment and leg wash. E. B. Johnson&Co1.1.366 Lotion for the skin, H. A. Durrua 13,347 Medicinal preparation for - purifying the blood. V. Polidori •13.8S9 Oi1. cylinder. Vacuum Oil Company 13.865 Oils forming a balsam. combination of vegetable, B. Collins 13. Paints. oil, J. !•. Rice13.361 Paper. fine writing. S. Worthington .... '. 13,887 Perfumery and soap. Colgate&Co18,34.2 3oap and soap powders, laundry lind toilet. R. W. Bell Manufacturing Company 13.363 Starch. laundry. T. Kingsford...': Teas. gunpowder. imperial, young hyson. Japan. Oolong, and English breakfast. Reid. Murdoch & Fischer13,860 rhread. cotton. Les Fils de Cartier-Bresson 18,367 Tobacco and snuff. plug and fine-cut chewing and smoking. Eight Hour Tobacco Company13,lU9 robacco and snuff, plug, fine-cut. and smoking. Eight Hour Tobacco Company, 13.348 Toilet powder. J. Mulchahey13,358 Joshua Rose's Great Treatise on Steam Engines. JUST PUBLISHED. Modern Steam Engines. An eleraentarytreattseupon the Steam Engine, written in plainlangu* for use intheasin the drawing office; . giving full explanations of the con- i shomng theiractual operation; t:etherwitn complete t fcrndsofvalves, motions, etc.,there- btf enabling the ordinary engineer to clearly understand the principles involved in their construction and use, and to plot out their movements upon the drawing board. By Joshua Rose, M. author of “ The Complete Practical Machinist.” Illustrated by 422 engravings. In one volume, quarto, 320 pages. PHce $6.00, free of postage to any adess 'Ii the world. iU'U8trated circular 84ta, giving te con tents of tMB remarkable book, be sent free to any one who wlUMB addms. HENRY CAREY BAIRD . CO., INDUSTRIAL PUBLISHERS,BOOKSELLERS&IMPORTERS 8lO Walnut Street, Pliiladelphia, Pa., U. !!l.A. HASWELL'S Engineers' Pocket-Book. NEW EDITION, Enlarged and Entirely Rewritten. FROM NEW ELECTROTYPE PLATES, Mechamcs' and Engineers' Pocket-Book of Tables, Rules, and Formulas pertaining to Mechanics, Mathematics, and Physics, including Areas, Squares, Cubes, and Roots, & c., logarithms, Stearr. and the Steam-Engine, Naval Architecture., Masonry, Steam Vessels, Mills, & c,j-'Limes, Mortars, Cements, & c.; Orthography of Technical Words and Terms, & c., & c. Forty-flfth Edition, RAised and Enlarged. By CHARLES H. HAS- WELL, Civil, Marine, and Mechanical Engineer, Member of American Society- of Civil Engineers, Engineers' Club of Philadelphia, N. Y., Academy of Sciences, Institution of Naval Architects, England, & c. Pages xxx., I2mo. Leather, Pocket-Book form, . “.00 Bentaid to anyon receipt of the e. drm MUNN CO., 36 I Broadway, New York. Our catalogue of books sent free to any address. Hf.fSH0R* t5'Ieway FOREIGN PATENTS. Their Cost Reduced. The expenses attending the procuring of patents In most foreign countries having been considerably reduced the obstacle of cost is no longer In the way of a large proportion of our Inventors patenting their inventions abroad CA N A UA .-The cost of a patent in Canada is even less than the cost of a United States patent, and the former includes the. Provinces of Ontario. Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Tbenumber of our patentees who avail themselves of the cheap and easy method now offered for obtaining patents),n CI!.nada is very large, and is steadily increasing. , c ENGL \ ND.-The new English law, whicb went into torce on Jan. 1st. enab'es parties to secure patents In Great Britain on very moderate terms. ABritish patent includes England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Great Britain is the acknowledged financial and commercial center of the world and her goods are sentto every quarter of the globe. A good Invention is likeiyto realize as much for the patentee in England .. bis United States patent, produces for hint at and thd small cost noV.renders it possible tor almost every patentee in this country to sere a paten in Great Britain, where his rights Me as well protected as in the United States. OTHElt COUNTIUES.-Patents are also obtained on very reasonable terms In France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia. Italy. Spain (the latter includes Cuba and- all the other Spanish Colonies). Brazil, British India, Australia, and the other British Colonies. An experience of FORTY years h.. enabled the publishers of THE SCIENTIFIC AMEiuoANtoestabiish competent and trustworthy agencies in all the principal foreign countries, and it has always been their aim to l1ave the business of their clients promptly and properly done and their interests faithfully guarded. A pamphlet containing a synopsis of the patent laws of all countries. including the cost for each, and othe Information useful to persons contemplating the pro. Curing of patents abroad, may be had on application to this office. MUNN&('O.. Editors and Proprietors of THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, cordially invite all persons desiring any Information relative to patents, or the registry of (rade-marks, in this country or abroad, to at their offices, S61 Broadway. Examination of inventions, consultation, and advice free. Inquiries by mail promptly answered. Address,. MUNN&CO., Publishers and Patent Solicitor., 861 Broadway, New York. BRANCH OFFICES: No. 62 and 624 F Street, Pacific 7th Street, Washington, D. C.