For which Letters Patent of the United States were Issued for the Week Ending November 26, 1907. AND BACH BEARING THAT DATE [See note at end of list about copies of these patents.] Acid, obtaining a soluble glutinous substance from tang. E. Herrmann 872,179 Agricultuml implement, L. A. Aspinwall .... 872,316 All' drier, I<\ T, Stare 872,027 Air drier, E. W. Cooke 872.054 Amusement apparatus, 11. E. Hiehl 872,253 Amusement deviee, J. Browne 871.777 Animal boot, draft, .T. .1. Fiizgibbun 872,000 trap, K. R. Marks 871,809 Animal trap. J. W. Gates 871,989 Automobile battery support. R. Bailey ... 872,213 Automobile body. Thomas&Moore 872,031 Automobile chair. A. L. Moss 872.247 Awning, ranoe. W. B. Sherman 872.088 Axle spindle. J. Stickney 872,030 Axles, means for taking up wear on vehicle, W. A. Short 872,155 Baggage or freight transferring system; B. H. Alvey 872,212 Bag's. apparatns for packing predetermined quantities in. T. Whitehorn 872.161 Halt. artificial. J. G. Henzel 871.935 Bale tie. E. H. Vance 872.266 Rank, savings. J. L. Kesner 871.874 Barrel. hoopless. ,T. C.&C. A. Parker R71.817 Barrel pitching eqnipmcnt. P. Sherrer••••.. 871.82!l Basket, fruit, A. G. Yient 872.206 Bearing, ball, P. J. McCullough 871,949 Bearing for vault and safe door jambs, ndjnstahle holt, .T. H. Williams 871.844 Bearing. trolley wheel. W. M. Caswell 871.913 Heater or mixer, Savage&Marehesseault .. 871.895 Bedding roll. G. R. Guild 872.122 Beer reclaiming machine. F. C. H. Stras- burger 871.832 Bells. protective shield for skeleton frame, G. L. Patterson 872.145 Belt tightener. E. Mattman 871,943 Bicycle and motor bicycle saddle, T. F. Hammaren 872.124 Bleaching a pparatus, R. Van Ruggen- hnudt 872.2H! Blenching cotton fibers, R. Vail Bnggen- houdt 872.0117 Rlower. rotarv. H. Walther 871.837 Boiler washout system. H . .T. Clark 872.222 Roister swing damper. “'*. G. Price ..872.014. 872.015 Rook holder. C. I,. Work 871,003 Books, machine for applying binding strips to. W. II. Reisner. et al 871.821 Root and shoe tree or expander, A. II. Powis 872.013 Bootjack. ,Y. S. Titns S72.095 Bottle cap filling machine. H. A. Olssmi .. . 872.11711 Rottle rapping machine. n. I,ii'kpgaard. . . . 871.99K Rottle. mucilage. R. Walton 872,208 Bottle. non-refillnble. E. )'. Card 871.780 Rottle resealing device, .T. R. Scott 872.153 Bottling machine, J, R. Cobb 872.275 Box., Inwood&Lavenberg, reissue 12.725 Rox making ma chine. J . P, Pavne 872.195 Box or crate maehini'. I.. P. Rigg 871,957 rake apparatus. tiuid pressure, C. II. Ferguson 872.116 Bread mixer, A. Fav 871.988 Brick facing. imitation. G. Morgan 872.003 Brush. bottle, n. Cooperman 871,780 Brush holder. tooth , F. .r. Spangler 872.091 ocket. clumping. A. Schroeder 872.151 Ruckle, I. Blum 871.981 Buffing maehine, J. E. I"'avitt 871.942 Buffing maehinc, G. F. Stewart 871.962 Buffing maehlne. J. (Jelzenliehtcr 871.990 Buffing machine and disk holder th ere for. G. F. Stewart 871.96.4 Ruilding. t-:. Hntf. Jr 872.236 Building block. W. L. now 872,111 Building constructions. apparatus for demonstrating the strains in. E. Car- llpp 871.861 Bulkhead doors. apparatus for electrically oiierating water tight. R. H. Kirk R71.804 Bullet. J. Piatkowski 872.081 Bushing. II. J. Gilbert 871.028 Button loop. T. S. Haley 872.230 Button, self-attaching. II. (), Reese 872,149 Button. separable. M. D. Shipman 871.897 Cabinet. grocer's. R. T. Durham 872.225 Calile carrier apparatus. G. A. Amsden 871,7r.S Cable terminal and j unction box, F. B. Cook 871.984 Cables. ete .. apparatus for cutting. C. Waller 872.312 Cables, strands, and the like. feeding np- paratus for, L. A. Ilolman 872.064 Canceling machine. stamp, C. R Phillips. , 872.II1O Car arrester, “... ('ook 872.270 Car door. F. W. Burwell 872.107 Car. dump. A. Caswell 871.781 Car, dump. C. n Doty 872.057 Car. dumping. A, Recker 872.045 Car operating mechanism. (lump, A. S. Page S71.K8B Car sand “ox, A. L. Raeiin 872. 1H-I ('ar underframe. Howard&Westlake 871.799 e Car ventilating system. K. I>..Tacnbs 871,938 Car wheel tempering aml ilnnealing apparatus. .1. Hansen 871.931 Car _ wheels. tempering and annealing. J. )1. Hanson 871.932 Carpet stretcher and sizer. !•'. Schwensow 872.087 Carrier and elevator. E, G.. Kraft 872,136 Case. See Display ease. Casket handle. •I. II. Walker 872.034 Casting reel. five. II. Slotterbeck 872,261 Cement block mold. G. B. Blodgett 872.106. Centrifugsil machines. journal support for, J\:. I,. Mel.eed 872.078 Chain. II. M . Gray S71.796 Chain making machine, Cops&Scott 871.7K4 Cheek system, meal. (:. A. Phillios 872.011 Cherries, etc.. deviee for picking. J. West. 871.842 Chock. self-tightening rock drill, J. A. Thompson. ot al 871,972 ('homing 01' washing machine, Avery & Bartlett 871,906 Cigar bunch forming apparatus O. Ham- nierstein 872.177 Cigar bunch rolling machine, O. Ilainmer- stein , 872.125 Cigar moistener. O. I... Johnson 872.01lS Clamp. M. A. Reare 872.252 Clip. L. II. Porter ..-. 871.888 Clock, alarm. C. O Traiitunni 871.900 Clock. electric guest calling. R. C. ])if'k ... 872.224 Clock. tower. E. Rm\'t> 872.200 Clothes horse, collapsible. .1. Hiiunwl 872,2:15 Clutch. friction. W • T, Hilliard 872.062 Coat. hat. mid umbrella rack, locking. II. S. Payne 872.147 Cock or valve operating means, W. Gordon ' S71 ,869 Cock. stop. It. Rice 871.956 Composite structures. reinforcing means for, J, I'. Ilavemeyer 872.127 Computing machine. D. W. Shiek 872,021 Concrete wall or Column construction, W. 1:. M Iddletoii 871.879 Contact adjustment. G. L. Patterson 872.146 Controller aml circuit bi'eaker, combined, 1\1. Scott S72.154 Cooking apparatus, steam. 'V. F. LOi'pnt- zen 872. 242 Cooling apparatus, W. Griesser 872.175 Cord knotter. R. II . Johns S72.182 Corn thinner, C. fot Shiiiik 872.200 Cotter pill. F. E. Hite 872.180 Counter, recording. P. L. Wolfe 871.849 Cream separator, centrifugal, T. 'V. Morgan 871.882 Cream separators, liner for centrifugal, W. W. Marsh 871.878 Crystallizing apparatus, G. Kchlcht 872.257 Cut off. autoinath'. II. P. Coster 872,170 Cvmiid nf pot:i ssi ii ill or sodium. nniiiufac- ture of. I''. “'. Morris H71.948 Cycle, motor. C. O, Ilpdstroin S71.!t!l5 Dehydrating animal and vegetnblp sub- stancps, K W. Cooke S71,982 Dehydrating apparatus. F. T. Slare 872.026 Dining table. J. A. Schackner 872,256 GUNS AND ARMOR. (Continued from page Jf22.) if steps were not taken to control the 53-ton mass it would not stop moving until it had burst its way through the rear walls of the turret and wrought no end of havoc besides. It would be impossible to hold the gun absolutely rigid and prevent its recoil; for the shock would tear asunder any bolts or other fasteners which might be devised; or, if they should hold, it would wrench the fabric of the ship asunder. The recoil is rendered harmless by carefully-designed means for gradually absorbing the recoil; and this is done in the case of the 12-inch gun by hydraulic cylinders, attached to the sleeve or non-recoiling portion thereof. The sleeve and cylinders are shown very clearly in the accompanying photographs of a 12-inch gun at thn Indian Head Proving Ground. The huge weapon is shown suspended in a 112-ton gantry crane and transfer car built by the Wellman, Seaver, Morgan Company, to whom we are indebted for our illustration. The action of the recoil cylinders of the gun is as follows: A massive yoke at the rear end of the gun serves as an attachment for the piston rods of the recoil cylinders, which are carried on the sleeve ; and the recoil is checked by the escape, from the pressure side to the reverse side of the piston, of the liquid contained in the cylinders. The fiuid escapes past the piston by means of grooves cut along the walls of the cylinders, which are wide enough to give a full opening at the beginning of the recoil, but gradually taper and contract in area, until the proper limit of recoil is reached, when the grooves come to a point and cut off any further fiow of liquid. Inside each recoil cylinder is a series of spiral springs, which COMPARISON OF TOTAL ENERGY OF GUNFIRE IN FIVE MINUTES OF BATTLESHIPS “ OREGON “ (1897) AND • ' RHODE ISLAND” (1907).* Oregon In 1897. Rhode Island In 11107. Guns.Muzzle Energy, Ft.-Tons.Muzzle Energy in Five Minutes' Firing, Ft.-Tons.Guns.Muzzle Energy. Ft.-Tons.Muzzle Energy in Five Minutes' Firing, Ft-'fons. 4, 13inch 8 8-inch 4, ft-inch 20 8-pdrs8.011 2,990 188289,016 320,440 1'9,00 110,4004 12-inch 8 Minch 12 8-ineh 12 3-inch44.1125 13,647 5,714 858726,412 1,001,760 1,714,200 394,80 Total energy all guns in five minutes.819,456T.tal energy all gun!! in five minutes. •, •.3,927,172 TABLE OF VESSELS COMMISSIONED, COMPLETED, BUILDINU OR AUTHORIZED SINCE THE SPANISH WAR. BATTLESHIPS, MONITORS, AND ARMORED CRUISERS. Kearsarge .. Kentucky.. Alabama ... Illinois.. . Wisconsin . Maine,, Missouri Ohio .... Georgia . Nebraska New Jersey .. Rhode Island . Virginia Connecticut., • The enormous increase in energy is due largely to the greatly increased rapidity of flre, resulting from improved mechanism for handling and maneuvering the guns, and to the greater attention now paid to the training of the gunners. The above totals are calculated upon the number of carefully-aimed shots which each gun could deliver under battle conditions and not upon the extraordinary rapidity which has been obtained by crack gun crews in target practice. serve to keep the guns from moving, when the ship rolls or the gun is elevated. When recoil takes place, these springs are compressed, and they exert sufficient force to return the guns to the firing position as soon as recoil ceases. The same principle is followed in the guns of smaller caliber, such as the 8, 7, and 6-inch. The illustration of the 12-inch gun should possess particular interest; for this piece will undoubtedly, for some years to come, constitute the sole armament for long-range fighting of our future battleships, and possibly even of our future cruisers. It must be admitted that, for a gun of 45 calibers length, the velocity of 2,700 feet per second is rather low, and not equal to that obtained by the 45-caliber 12-inch guns of the British and one or two other navies. Originally, these guns were planned for 2,800 feet per second; but It was found that the pressures toward the muzzle. were rather greater than the guns could safely stand, and the pressures and velocities were, therefore, reduced. How long the 12-inch gun will continue to be our principal weapon it is hard to determine; but we rather expect to see a return to the 13-inch, with an increase of velocity to not less than 2,800 feet per second. Such a gun is more accurate, that is to say, more accurate shooting could be made with it at the long battle ranges which will 'Obtain in future engagements. Moreover, its trajectory would be fiatter, and its danger zone greater; it would maintain its velocity longer, and would reach the mark with 30 to 40 per cent greater hitting power. Louisiana Kansas Minnesota New Hampshire.. Vermont South Carolina... Michigan Delaware North Dakota.... Arkansas . Florida ... Nevada .., Wyoming. California.. Colorado Maryland Pennsylvania South Dakota . West Virginia. Washington. Tennessee Montana . ... North Carolina. Type. Battleship. Armored Cruiser. Displacement in Tons. 11,540 11,565 12,31*1 14,948 Speed in Knots. 20,00 3,2® 13,680 Charleston Mftwaukee St. Louis Semi-armored Cruiser. 9.7'()O 10.8 16.9 17.1 li.4 17.2 18.5 21.0 Armor. 16).9 in. Gun Positions. Armament. Main. 9 ill. 6 in.—5 in. 5 ill. 4 in. 17 in.—15 in. 15 in.—14 in. 12 in.—12 in. 11 in.—10 in. 12 3-ponnders. 81 , 10 small guns. 12 3-poundem 21 • 10 small g'uns. 12 3-pouilder8. 24 small gill • . UNARMORED CRUISERS AND GUNBOATS. Speed in Knots. 17.0 14.0 10.5 14.0 Protective Deck.Armament. Slopes.Flat.Main.Secondary. 12 3-in. li. F. (;. 10 5-in. H. F. (;, 2 ill.—1 in.inch.1 R 6-pounderB. “i 6 small guns. 4 5-in. R. F. G.i 4 6-poimderp. I 4 Colts. 6 Nordeiifelts. j 4 6-pounders. I 4 ('olts. \ 4 6-pounders. 4 Colts. { 2 3-poiindei's. \ 2 Colts. 2).9 in.inches.4 4-in. R. F. G. ' Twenty-one of this type of Gunboat captured 01' purchased from Spain, varying from 42 to 5(i0 tons displacement ami from 8 to 19 knots speed. DESTROYERS. TORPEDO BOATS, AND SUBMARINES. Name. On November 27 a train carrying some 200 invited passengers traveled from Manhattan Island to Borough Hall, Brooklyn, under the East River. The Battery tunnel has more than once been delayed in construction, but this journey gives hope that the delays are at an end and that a regular service will operate early in the new year. On the outward trip the distance of 1.6 miles was traversed slowly, to allow time for inspecting the tunnel, but a return journey was made in about five minutes. Bainbridge Barry Chauncey Dale Decatur Panl Jones Perry Preble Stewart Lawrence Macdonough. . Trnxton Whipple Worden Hopkins Hull Bailey Barney Biddle Blakely Davis Dahlgren De Long., Farragut Fox Goldsborough .. MacKenzie Nicholson O'Brien Rowan Shubrick Stockton Stringham T. A. M. Craven . Thornton . ... Tingev Wilkes Holland Adder Grampus Moccasin Pike Shark Porpoise Torpedo-boat Destroyers. Torpedo-boat Destroyers. "'rorpedo-boat Destroyers. Torpedo-boat Destroyers. Torpedo-boat. Submarine. Displacement in Tons. Torpedo Tubes. •2 18-inch Whitehead. •2 18-inch Whitehead. 18-iiieli Whitehead. 218-ilich Whitehead. 318-inch Whitehead. 2 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 8 2 2 3 3 3 .• 1 Torpedo Tube. Guns 292 3-inch and 5 6-pomulers R. F. G. 2 3-inch and 5 (i-pounders R. 14'. G. 2 3-inch and 5 6-pounders It P. G. 23-inch antl 5 6-pouiidcrs R. F. G. 3-pounders R. F. 4 6-pomidei.. R. F. 24 106 420 Discharge tank oi' i-esen'oir, intermittent,! C. Potts 871.820 Display case, A. E. Lynns 871.877 Display ease, market box, Johnson&Lar- kin 871.802 Display stand, R Brooks 872.274 Display stand for hats. C. E. Mentzer 872.139 Door and cupboard catch. S. C. Scholield .. 872,300 Door cbeck or bumper, U. F, IKeil. .872,184, 872,185 Door fastener and opener. C. 8mith 872,022 Door holder, A. J. Rosentreter 871,959 Door lock. slid in!!. W. 11. Cook 872.110 Dough machine feeding device, P. F. Carroll 872.051 Draft equalizer-, A. Lange 872,240 Drafting macbine. design. A. Lorant 871,808 Drawers, shield for ladies', I. I. Eltericb. 872,172 Drop mecbanism, quick, .J. W. Little 872,071 Dye and making same. green vat, G. Engi 872,227 Dye, brown vat. A. Schmidt 872.085 Dye. green black vat, A. Schmidt 872.086 Dyestiiff and making sajiie. F. J. Oakes ... 872,250 Earth drill. n. C. Jackson 871,800 Easel and hanger, C. U. Taylor 871,833 Educational ehart. drawing board, and writing desk, combined, G. A. Henderson. 871,934 Effluents, apparatus for treating trade, B. & A. Broadbent 872.049 Electric apparatus, sealing for, J. R. Baker 871.772 Electric furnace. E. R. Tavlor 871.971 Electric switcb, automatic, W. L. Bliss 872.215 Electroeapillar.v a ppara tus. A. Orling 872,193 Eleetrotht'rapeutic apparatus, Raymond & Vetter 872.148 Elevator floor gate actuating device, W. C. Smith 871.898 Embroidering machine. J. Sclii'oeder 872.152 Engine burner, exnlosion. P. M'cCusker ... . 871.883 Engine cylinder. H. Rif'bter 872.306 Engine turn table casting, locomotive', W. H. Wright 871.850 Engines. automatic .alarm and stopping device for, D. B. Adams 872,039 Engines. cooling system for internal combustion, G. Green 871 ,797 Engines, electric stop*for, J. K. Wright. .. 872,102 Excavating for concrete piles, etc., W. J. Stewart 872.093 Excavator. Watson 871.839 Eyeglass mounting, I. F. Adt 872.211 Eyelet. W. Hughes 872.237 Fabric. See Knitted, fabric. Fare indicator. cab. C. Mascart 872.188 Fastener. A. U. Bight 872.221 Feed rack. fpro trough. and animal pen, combined. W. J. Tolle 872.032 Feed water distributing pan mechanism, J. M. Lynch 872.299 Feed water heater. J. W. Jantzcn 871.801 Filter press, F. “... von Oven 872.008 Filtration plant, gravity. J. G. HacGregor. 872.073 Fire apparatus, J. II. Mitchell 871.880 Fire escape, 1'. C. Burbans 872.050 Firearm sight, J. E. Harker 871.933 Flax breaker feeding mechanism, G. H. Ellis 871.863 Flue cleaner, chimney, H. Perry 872,080 Flying machine air propeller. L. Gath- mann 871.926 Furnace. O. Beguelln 871.854 Fuse, F. W. Young 871,851 Garbage receptacle. A. Reed 871.955 Garment hanger, M. A. Wood 872,100 Garment hohler, H. C. Krause 872.297 Gas and gasolene engine, E. E. Wright 872.1114 Gas burner, W. Kitching 872.134 Gas burner. inverted, J. Lederei- 872.070 Gas pipe safety device, I. I. Cleveland 871.783 Gas plant. G. L. Morton 871.R10 Gas pressure regulator, A. D. Brasson .... 872.273 Gate, A. D. Acers 871.905 Gear, transmission. A. P. Bo.ver 872,220 Gear, variable speed and reversing transmission, A. P. Boyer 872.219 Gearing. O. Williams 872.269 Gearing, ebange speed, C. Johnson 872.131 Glass working apparatus, R. )1. Paxton ... 872.194 Glove, D. E. Laufeitv 872.137 Glove, busking. S. Kvam , 871.805 Gopher trap. 'V. n. Armstrong. et al 872.041 Grading machine, G. S. Whitney 871.976 Grain cleaning and pickling machine, H. T. Helgeson 872.130 Grain drill, Armitage&Thistlethwaite .... 871.770 Grass cutting implement. ,T. G. Leep.".. 871.806 Grave constni-tion. W. Livingston 872.241 Grinding machine, E. Cook 871.7R5 Hair spring locator. B. Z. Friedman 871.866 Halter, S. E. Gates 871.925 Ilammei, automatic magazine, J. E. Ridings R72.150 Harmonica. M. J. Rchly 872,083 Harness. E. Money 872.245 Harrow riding attachment. D. K. Wilson .. R71 .R46 Harvester. G. P. Waf'ek 871 , 835 Harvesting and husking machine, corn, E. A. llollenbock . 872.285 Harvesting machine, potato. R. f.:. Baxter.. 872.166 Hat, ('oat. and umbrella rack, E. Boynton. 872.107 Hay rake. C. Pearson 872.0119 Hinge. W. H. Torode 872.263 Horse overshoe G. N. Klunell 872.287 Horse power. G. Wenzelmann 871.840 Horseshoe. F. M. Bethune 872,214 Horseshoe, hoof spreading. A. Nagley 872. 191 Hose coupling. J. G. Massie 872.001 Hot water heater. J. Gedeon. Jr 871.927 Hydraulic transmission device, V. C. Shank R72.203 Hydrocarbon bu rner. II. P. Glazier 871.992 Hydrosulfite preparation and making same, stable, G. Engl 872.114 Ice cutting machine, II. Wulff 871.978 Illusory apparatus. B. Purpura 872.305 Incubator. S. F. Bihn 871.908 Indexing device, drawer contents, Barrow & Ivlng 872,042 Indigo and making same, mixed chloro- bromo derivatives of, G. Engi 872' 115 Indigo and' making same, monochloromono- hromo derivatives of. G. Engi 872.2RO Insole. H. H. Rossa 871 ,R9l Insole slashing machine, “T. C. Stewart 871 .967 Insulator. H. D. Bodies* 872,216 Iron. See Soldering iron. Iron from tin plate scrap, detinning and recovering merchantable, E. A. Sperry. 872.092 Ironing machine. A. R. Gustafson 872.123 Justifying mechanism. F. B. Converse, Jr .. R72.223 Knitted fabric. L. N. D. Williams 872.103 Labeling maehine, E. E. L. Bover 871.776 Labeling machine bottle guide, II. Gates ... R71.794 Lacing device. boot and shoe. II. W. White 872.0.37 Ladder. H. Adler 872.165 Lamp cluster. ineandescent. II. Hubbell .... 872.065 Lamp, gas. J. .T. Mclntyie 871.950 Lamp, incandescent gas, A. Rector 871.954 Lamp socket, incandescent, G. W. Good- ridgp 872.2S3 Lantern holder, W . B. Chittenden 872.052 Lathe dog, R. G. !\"ye 872.007 Lathe. engine. J. Ilartness 872.233 Lathe tool holder. W. T. Russell 871.892 Lavatory. P. E. Law 871.R76 Lead. manufacture of white, F. W. M'on-is. 871.947 Level, S. II. Gardner 871.924 Leveling instrument, G. A. Jenning 872.183 Life net, C. Harrison 871,870 Linotype machines. distributer of double magazine, J. P. Tihon 871,899 Liquid cooling device. A. Koch 871 .940 Liquid fuel burner, J. II. Kooiis 872.288 Liquid separator, centrifugal, E. A. Fors- berg 872.173 Liquids. device for separating materials held in suspension by, C.N. Waite.... 872.033 Loading apparatus. A. J. Derby 8+2,273 Loading device. wagon, R. Pede'rson 871,R87 Lock. F. Siebert 872 156 Lock bolt keeper, J. Christy 872.05:! Locomotive pilot. H. J. Dean 871,789 Locomotive tender, J. H. Davis 872.277 Loom. W. Wattle 872.0.35 Loom shuttle, A. Biickler 871.911 Loom shuttle changing mechanism. E. H. . Ry°n 872.254 Loom stop motion. C. D. Lanning 871.875 Loom take up mechanism, A. A. Gordon. ,jr- 872,0111 Mail receiver and deliverer for ra ilway trains. A. Matlak. et al 872,301 Mainspring winder. L. Kohn 872 135 Manure spreader, D. K. Wilson 871'845 Willia ms S» "The only kind that won't smart ordry on the face “ Williams' Shaving Soap was adopted as Standard by the United States Naval department' nearly 50 years ago. The distinguishing features of the soap that recommended it to the United States Navy at that time are the same wholesome and exceedingly important qualities that make it to-day the preference of the Army, Navy, and civilians everywhere. First: I ts lather is rich, creamy and profuse. Second: I ts lather does not dry on the face, but lasts to the end of the shave. Third: I t does not smart the skin, but softens the beard and soothes the irritated face. Notice these three points when you use Williams' Shaving Stick and you will understand its universal popularity. The Hinged Cover Nickeled Box is a striking' feature of Williams' Shaving Stick. It saves time—the cover cannot get lost—cn be opened or closed with one hand and the box keeps the soap in perfect condition in any climate. The box is very strong and will stand lots of hard usage. Sent by mail on receipt of price, 25 cents, 1 Shilling, 1 Franc, or 1 Mark, if your druggist fails to supply you. Sample size mailed for 4 cents in stamps. Address: The J. B. Williams Co. GLASTONBURY, CONN., U. S. A. LONDON: 65 Great Russell St., W. C. PARIS: 4 Rue Chauveau Lagard BASEL : Nadolny Co. The New Nickeled Box Hinged Cover Manure spreader, W. Galloway 871,867 Manure spreader, Litchfield&Garst 872,000 Mash tubs, drain controlling apparatus for, A.Aufrichtig 872.103 Massage implement. H. G. Hart 872.126 Match box, M. F. Luna 872,243 Match dipping apparatus, W. H. Parker.. 871,818 Match safe blank bending machine. Smith & Johnson 872.025 Mattress, F. H. Hirschman 871.871 Measure, C. W. Newton 871.814 Measuring apparatus. A . .T. Felter 871.865 Measuring device. liquid. G. O. Seeley 871.827 Measuring instrument, Jacobson&Haugh- land 871.996 Measuring instrument, electrical, P. Mac Gahan 872,300 Metal. cleansing. J. Hawthorne 871.994 Metal joint, J. J. Souder 871,830 Metal rings, apparatus for upsetting. J. Clark 872.168 Metal structure. E. B. Repp 872.018 Milk cooling apparatus. Jewett&Bowen .. 872.286 Mixing apparatus. F. E. Rooney 872.084 Molding receptacle. J. S. Stewart 872,029 Motor control system. E. W. Stull 871,970 Motor controlling mechanism, electric, M. B.McLauthlin 872,143 Motor controlling mechanism, eleetric, E. D. Lewis 872,289 Motors. means for automatically controlling electric. H. W. Leonard 872,298 Muffler, Blanchard&Crocker 871.775 Music. recording. J. J. Walker 872.267 Musical Instruments. automatic playing attachment for, P. Welln 872,313 Musical instruments. modulating attachment for automatic, T. Danquard 871,788 Musical instruments. narrow music sheet attachment for. T. Danquard 871,787 Muzzle, dog, W. H. Dusenbury 872.279 Nut burring machine, E. Mongraln 872,189 Nut lock. J. F. Fish 871.921 Nut lock. H. A.&J. P. Fisher 871.922 Oar for boats. . R. Walterskirchen 872,158 Oil burning' system. I. E. Smith 872,023 Oil channels in boxes, bearings, etc., machine for cutting spiral, W. Wattle 872.036 Oil cup lubricator, W. P. Phillips 872,012 Optical instrument. J. G. Gray 872,120 Ore pulp. filter for separating solutions from. O. L. Buckingham 871,860 Oven, M. Nusser 872,144 Oven. portable. W. J. Perry 871.819 Overalls, J. A. Sommers 872.089 Packing. rod. T. A. Johnston 872,132 Pad cover. G. F. Stewart 871,965 Pad covers. machine for making, G. F. Stewart 871.9&3 Pad covers. making. G. F. Stewart 871.966 Paint and varnish remover. J. F. Dickson .. 871.790 Paint and varnish, removing. J. M. Wilson 872.314 Paper boxes. machine for forming and applying wire bales to, C. D. Grimes 872.176 Paper making machine cutting attachment, C.H. McCormick 872,248 Partition. metal sheathed paneled, T. I. Duffy 872,058 Pen and pencil rack, combined, J. S. Twaddell 872.157 Perambulator. W. H. Smith 871.961 Plano. M'. Clark 871.782 Piano action frame. H. J. Sandlas 871.894 Piano action frame. J. W. Darley, Jr 872,292 Piano. combined manually and mechanically operated. J. W. Darley, Jr.. 871,916 to 871.919 Piano players, tracker bar for, F. W. Wood 872.315 Pin. See Cotter pin. Pipe connection. H. Clayton 872,169 Pipe coupling, automatic train, Fyock & Stone 872.174 Pipe joint. fiexible, W. A. Greenlaw 872.121 Pipe mold. cement. E. W. Buser 871,778 Pipe wrench. J. Roemer 871.958 Planter, J. D. Lancaster 871.941 Plants. stand for propping, J. G. Walton .. 871,901 Pneumatic cushion. W. C. McCullough 871.811 Pneumatic drill. portable, H. J. Kimman. 871.939 Popcorn buttering device. J. M. Kline 872.239 Power generator, electromagnetic, J. L. Potter 872.251 Power system. R. H. Goldsborough 871.993 Printing apparatus. M. McMahon 872,302 Printing machines, arrangement for giving movement to automatic numbering mechanisms for. J. D. Galwey 871,923 Printing machines. thread stretching device for the warps of drum, F. Schmidt 872.258 Printing press. E. L. Stone 871.831 Printing press. McCain&Henderson 872.004 Printing press. automatic, H. E. Brett 872.108 Projectile for rifled firearms, L. Schupmann 871.825 Projection apparatus, W. L. Patterson 872.303 Propeller or fan. F. G. Sargent 872.307 Propulsion, ship, P. H. Belitz 871.774 Pulley. expansion. G. F. Geb 872.282 Pulverizing mill, G. E. Rudnick 872.201 Pump, air, Beck&Bowyer 872,043 Pump for cleaning systems, suction, J. V. O. Palm 871.952 Pump lubricator. H. L. McCullough 872.249 Pump. rotary. Anderson&Lundln 872.040 Punching implement. belt. W. W. Woodley 872.210 Rail bond. A. H. Mosher 872,142 Rails, appliance for fixing and cutting off the upper or wearing portions of compound tramway, E. Rhodes 871.822 Rails. rerolling. A. P. Diescher 872.056 Railway equipment.. warning post for, E. D.Hillman 871.936 Railway gate. F. J. Stein 872,028 Railway rolling stock. seat and seat back tor. A. E. Ostrander 871.951 Railway signaling device. B. S. Miller 872,002 Railway switch, O. Harpold 872.178 Railway trains, automatic stop for, V. Morrison 872,141 Receptacle closure, A. L. Weissenthanner, 872,160, 872.162 Receptacle closure. hermetic. J. S. Giles... 8,118 Red lakes, making. C. Immerhelser 872.181 Reflector. A. D. Curtis 871,915 Refrigerator alarm. H. P. Kelly 871.873 Register attachment, W. H. Sowash 872,090 Regulator. See Gas pressure regulator. Relasting apparatus. shoe. C. F. Pym 872.318 Relasting machine. C. F. Pym 872,317 Resistance, inclosed, H. J. Wiegand, 872,208, 872.209 Ringing leads. means for protecting operators. W. W. Dean 872,171 Roll cutting attachment. rotary. A. E. Sexton 871 ..R28 Rotary engine. J. E. Lehman871.807 Rotary engine. T. C. Henry 872,234 Rotary explosive engine, Montan&Se- holm 871.881 Rotary motor. J. R. Kinney 872.133 Salt shaker. F. Kendall 871.803 Sash lock and tightener. H. O. Wolff 872.099 Sausage stuffer, H. F. Hambruch .. 872,231, 872.294 Sawmill. T. S. Wilkin 872,038 Sawmill log dog. Grant&Newton 871.795 Scaffold support. D. F. Luke 872.187 Scale, O. L. Gordon 872.119 Scalper, excavator. road roller. and locomotive. combined. C. J. Van Buren .. 872.159 Seal. G. H. Huising 871.872 Seaming machine. O. S. Beyer .. .871.855 to 871 .R57 Seed culler. cotton. B. Bowers 872.218 Self-extinguishing burner. E. Besenbruch ... 872.105 Sewer pipe cleaner. T. Cantwell 872,109 Sewing machine, lock stitch, F. W. Merrick 872.074 Sewing tubular structures, machine for, S. Cohn. reissue 12.724 Shade and curtain hanger, extension window, W. Wertman 871.841 Shade roller safety stop. C. T. Botting 871.858 Shaft oscillator. E. C. Wright 871.904 Sharpening and polishing machine, automatic. F. M. Rodzonowski 871.889 Shears. G. E. Benton 871,980 Sheet metal working machine. T. Vogt 871.834 Ship locks. working. G. Pumberger 872.082 Shoe rack, L. P. Bowen 872,047 Shovel. A. E. Baum 871,773 Shovels, scraper attachment for, R. J. Edwards 871.986 Sift... ash. J. Guerin 871.929 Sifter for ashes. etc., S. W. Dunning 871,862 Signaling system, W. W. Salmon811,960 Siphon, alternating, S. \V. Miller 872,076 Skimmer, siphon, C. Harhort 872,232 Skinning tool, J. C. Boyle 872,272 Sleigh a ttachme 111, W. A. Hetraw 871,907 Snap hook, J. N. Bellinger 872,270 Snap hook, spring tongue, J. H. Baxter 871,979 Soldering i ro n, A. 1.. (Jifford 872,22n Sole, hoot and shOt-', W. C. Stewart 871,968 Sole- rounding and channeling mach ine, A. M', Efiglish 871.987 Sole slashing m a ch ine, \Y. C. S to w a r t 871,969 Spark destroyer for smoke stacks, F. J. Lyman S72.072 ?Sparking doviee, M iller&Uilboiigh 872,075 Speed indicator and recorder, combined, (i. E. Mirtield 871.946) £'l>eod recording instrument, C. II. d'La Monte 872.186 Spinning fram es. whhl for cap. A. A. Sack. 872.O19 Spinning machines, pileuma tie threading device for, F. A. Bree1.e 871.910 Spool stand, N, W. H osk ins 872,206 Spring, Edgerton&G olde n 872.226 Sprinting spring. Feazell&Thompson 871,864 Stamping and numbering .machines, inking device for, French 872.281 S tail ii ic ch l o rid, producin g, R A. S pe rry . • 872.205 Staple tacker, P. R. Glass 871,091 Steami boiler, C. D. Mosher 872.077 Steam boiler, IT, V, Brady 872,201 Steel plan t, T. S. Blai r, Jr 872,046 Stereoscope. fo lding, 'V. Verbe ck 871.974 Stirrup. J. Tweit 872.264 Stone working machine tool holder, II. H. Mercer 871.944 Stop mechanisDi. II. Pulster 871.953 Stove, foundry drying. D. McNeill 871.812 Street sweeper, F. U. Pittman 872,196 Sulfur from furnace gases. apparatus for obtaining, F. R. Carpe n tf'r 871.912 iar t i Ilollis 872,063 Surface cleaning machine, R. H. Hutchison 871.937 Switching <Yvieo. electric, J. A. Posey .. 872,197 Syringe,K Bonesteel 872,217 Table. See Dining table. Telephone exchanges, ringing device for, W. W. Dean 872.293 Telephone instruments. apparatus for fumi- gating, Io. 1. Shrader 872,204 Th rea d fi n i sh i ng mach ine, Lipps&Ott 871,999 Tickets into ticket compartments, contrivance for i n se rti n g loose packets of, H. J, Mueller 872, 190 Tie plate and gu ard ra il c lamp, com bined. W . F. Bosse rt 871,909 Tie con st ru ct i on, J. F. W arw i c k 871,838 Morris&Town send 872.246 Tire setting machi ne for rubber tires. Hix- son&Powell , 872.295 Tires. means for preventing side slip in pn eu m a t i c, Treffiere&Jehin 872,096 Tires, multipart mold for pneuma t ic. F. Veith 871 ,973 Tobacco box a nd cutter, pocket. I. Z. (' oh ei i 871.5183 Tobacco lath holder. I. Sebring 872.2;'19 Tool, com binat ion, F, . .Ta ckson 872.066 Tool, combination. P. A. Benet 872.271 Tool. hand o pe ra t ed, . B ma d 872.048 Tool post, (\ C, Ha rris 87.1.798 Torch, marine. A. F. .T . Johnson 871.95)7 Toy, II, M, Ro hi n son 871.823 Toy swing. II. T. Kingshury 872,069 Train lighting sy stem, electric, W, Sci'ib- ner 871.826 , Transmitter, R. Hansen 872.284 Trap or water seal. .T• .J. Wade 871.8:16 Trolley se c iiri ng de v i ce, .T. Szekeros 872.094 Trouse rs and belt fastener, P, C. Noetzel. 871.884 Ti uck, W. r:. Pri ce 872,017 Truck, cotton picker's. A. Sandei's, et al. S71 ,89:1 Truck frame. W. H. Price 872,016 Trimk tray hin ge, J. J. Cannan 871.779 Tuhe cutter, J. G, Lusk 872,290 Tube stopper. S, Smith 872,024 Tug loop. F. F. Jennings 872,067 ! Tu rhine, elastic fluid. O. Dalen 872,055 ! Tui'bine engine, W. J. Francke 871,792 I Type se 11 i n g machine gage, J. T. W i I son, . 871.902 Ty pew rite r attachment, J. Oettinger871,815 : Typewriter ribbon attachment, W. F, finders 872,113 Unwinding machine, J, E. ''indie 871,848 Valve, E. Phillipson 872.304 Valve, automattcaHy opening, p. A. Mc- Cullough 872,005 i ''alve, flushing, R. A, Brooks871,9 ' Valve gear, H. Mayer 872.18 Valve, sa fe ty. A. Wache 871,975 Vault. sectional, E. ,T. Winslow 871,977 Vehicle hodies. re i n fo rced coi-ner for, D. M&T. H. Pn wv. .871 8Kfi The HOLSMAN AUTOMOBILE RIDES LIKE A CARRIAGE The Holsman Has Now Had 5 Years of Success A standard type of power vehicle, light, strong, handsome, high-wheeled, high-bodied, simple and splendidly efficient. “ Rides Like a Carriage,” noiselessly and smoothly over paved city streets or rockiest, ruttiest country roads. Practically no repairs and low maintenance. Solid Rubber Tires -no Pneumatics to Collai se. Air-cooled No Water to Freeze. Holsman Features are all Fully Patented. Two simple hand levers regulate entire control-start, steer, stop, reverse and brake. No live axles, friction clutches, differential gears, pumps, etc. Double hill-climbing power in reserve. Do not be induced to help some new inventor work out his experiments on you by buying a machine that has not been on the market more than a year. We are pleased to answer inquiries. Send To-day for Handsome Booklet - FREE HOLSMAN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, 415 Monadnock Block, CHICAGO The Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of Carrla.,e Automobiles HERE IS THE New H&R Target Grip The Realization of a Long Felt Want Light Compact Durable The first Combination of a Medium Price Revolver with a Perfect Fu« Grip. The extension bard rubber stock affords a perfect grip. It is fitted to the frame and by having the regular stocks (furnished extra) can be interchanged for pocket use. The target grip can be supplied with H&R Automatic, Police Automatic, Premier, Police Premier and H&R Double Action Models 1904, 1905 and Every H&R Revolver is just as good a; skilled labor, the best material and over 35 years of experience in fine firearms-making can produce. They are accurate shooters, perfect in balance, beautiful in appearance and finish. They are made in many styles and sizes as described in our beautifully illustrated catalog among which we would especially recommend our H&R AUTOMATIC DOUBLE ACTION 32 caliber, 6-shot, or 38 caliber, 5-shot, -in.barrel, finest nickel finish,$6.00. THE H&R HAMMERLESS, $7.00. Target grip, as illustrated, $1 00 extra. Sold by first-class dealers. Rather than accept a substitute order from us direct. Look for our name on barrel and the little target trade mark on the handle. \Vrite to-day for illustrated catalog. HARRINGTON RICHARDSON ARMS CO. 428 Park Avenue, Worcester, Mass. Wi Twiu-screw Express :ervfce, Sailing TUESDAYS for Plymouth, London, Cherbourg, Paris, Bremen "Kaiser Wilhelm II” “Kronprinzessin Cecilie” “Kronprinz Wilhelm “ “Kaiser Wilhelm Grosse" Twin-Screw Passenger Service, Sailing THURSDAYS for Plymouth, London, C herbou rg, Paris,Bremen "' Grosser Kurfuerst" "Washington” “Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm" (Building)iBuilding) "Prinzess Alice” “Friedrich der Gross" •Bremen" Mediterranean Express Service, Sailing SATURDAYS for Gibraltar, Naples and Genoa "Prinzess Irene” “Koenig Albert” “Koenigin Louise” ' Barbarossa' SPECIAL TRAINS CONNECT AT PLYMOUTH FOR LONDON. CHERBOURG FOR PARIS Connections at Bremen, Southampton, Genoa and Naples for China, Japan and Australia, Naples to Alexandria, Naples to the Levant FOR RATES, PI,ANS, ETC., APPLY TO OELRICHS&CO., TELEPHONE 2200 RECTOR. General Agents, 5 Broadway, NEW YORK (Bowling Green Building) SCHERZER ROLLING LIFT BRIDGES Modern Highway and Electric Railway Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge open for the passage of large vessel. Superseded and replaced a center pier swing bridge. On Lakes to the Gulf Deep Water-way. Make it possible to navigate large modern vessels to Harbors, Docks, Interior Waterways and Interior Ports inaccessible where center pier swing bridges are built. Center pier swing bridges are obsolete. They form artificial obstructions blocking navigation and commerce. They are condemned, removed and replaced by modern Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridges wherever Manufacturing, Commerce, Transportation, Railroads and Ships are valued, protected and advanced. More than one hundred center pier swing bridges have already been superseded, discarded, scrapped and replaced by modern Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridges for Railways, Electric Railways and Highways in the United States, England, Ireland, Holland, Egypt, India, Argentine Republic, Mexico, Russia and other countries. Modern Railroad Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge in the open position. Longest span Bascule Bridge in the world. Also Highway Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge HIGHEST AWARD, WORLD'S FAIR. ST. LOUIS. 1904. open further down the river. Write us for information, photographs, sketches and estimates. THE SCHERZER ROLLINC LIFT BRIDCE CO. Main Offices: Monadnock Block, CHICACO, U. S. A. Cable Address: 'SCHERZER, Eastern Office : CHICACO." 220 Broadway, NEW YORK CITY "Tanks with a Reputation." CALDWELL Tanks and Towers p r o v i d e abundance of water for all purposes in Mills, Factories, Towns and Country Homes. Reliable and permanent service assured. Amp 1 e pressure , as well , for safe fire protection. Our building plans, in connection with selected high-grade material, insure great tank durability and enormous tower stability. Endorsed by eminen architects. engineers, and thousands of aatisfied curtomers. 25 YEARS' EXPERIENCE We erect anything in United States. Canada and Mexico. For catalogue. full information and references near you address Dept. S F. W. E. CALDWELL CO., Loulsvllle, Ky. Tanks iSeT1 Towers Wind Mills — PumpsGas Engines Scientific American Supplement 1548 contains an article on Concrete, by Brysson Cutmingham. The article clearly describes the proper composition and mixture of concrete and gives results of elaborate tests. Scientific American Supplement 1538 gives tbe proporitlon of gravel aud sand to be used in concrete. Scientific American Supplements 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, and 1571 contain an elaborate discussion by Lieut. Henry J. Jones of the various systems of reinforcing concrete, concrete construction, and their applications. These articles constitute a splendid text book on the subject of reinforced concrete. Nothing better has been publisbed. Scientifio American Supplement 997 contains an article by Spencer Newberry in which practical notes on the proper preparation of COD- crete are given. Scientific American Supplements 1568 and 1569 present a helpful account of the making of concrete blocks by Spencer Newberry. Scientific American Supplement 1534 gives a critical review of the engineering value of reinforced concrete. Scientifio American Supplements 1547 and 1548 give a resume in which the various systems of reinforced concrete construction are discussed and illustrated. Scientific Amencan Supplement 1564 contains an article by Lewis A. Hicks, in wbicb tbe merits and defects of reinforced concrete are analyzed. Scientific American Supplement 1551 contains the principles of reinforced concrete with some practical Illustrations by Walter Loring Webb. Scientific American Supplement 1573 contains an article by Louis H. GEison on the principles of success in concrete block manufacture, illustrated. Scientifio American Supplement 1574 discusses steel for reinforced concrete, Scientific American Supplements 1575, 1576, and 1577 contain a paper by Philip L. Wormley. Jr., on cement mortar and concrete, their preparation and use for fn rm purposes. The paper exhaustively discusses the making of mortar end concrete, depositing of concrete, facing concrete, wood forms, concrete sidewalks. details of construction of reinforced concrete posts. Eacb number of tbe Supplement costs 10 cents. A set of papers containing all tbe articles above mentioned will be mailed for $1.80. Order from your newsdealer or from MUNN CO. 361 Broadway, New Yorh City LEARN ENGRAVING A profitable, Higb-Grade, Enjoyable business. Competent men make from to $100 00 per week. Our correspondence course does a wny wit h the many years' apprenticeship bltberto required and enables one to master tbe work thorougbly. ina sbort time. Establisb- ed seventeen y. Write for prospectus. REES ENGRAVING SCHOOL 33'.i Steele Bldg. - - ELMIRA, N. Y Improved Power or Hand Planer for the mode I maker, experimenter, or amuteur. Its features are the Double Lifting Screws and tbe simple mann er of cbanginsfrom power to tbe Hand Crank. Workman. s hip guaranteed throughout. List price complete $1"5. Parts intercbange- able. A. J.Wilkinson&Co Machinery, 184-188 Washington R,Boston,Mass EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTOMOBILE INVENTORY FLYER NO. 17 (lust Issued, Write for It) $25.000.00 OVER STOCK Antomobile Paris .od Supplies lotted - NEUSTADT AUTOMOBILE&SUPPLY CO. MPn MONEY POB TOP 8831 OUve Street. St. Loni., Mo. Bottle nipples, Fnultless Rubber Co Candied popcorn, Rueckheim Bros. ICckstein Candles, chocolates aud other, Rueckheim Bros.&Eckstein Candy, Greek American Confectionery Co .. • Candy, Schraders Candy, peanut, Bosman&Whman Co Canned meat, August Kress Co Cartridges. loaded sbells. caps, etc., Peters Cartridge Co Cement and asphalt. hydraulic, P. H. Trum- mer&O. Vogler be ii Cer Ge:.!llschaft mit beschrankter Haftung.. Clotbes wringers, American Wringer Co Clotbing, certain, M. Hallr&Bro, Coal, coke, breeze, etc., Coalite Limited.... Cocktails, E.Heffernan Corset stiffeners and stays, E. C. Weeks ... Cott pi e o , di Sons&Co Dental cement. O. M. Springer Electrical conductors. certain, Electric Railway Improvement Co Fertilizers and fertilizing materials, B. Diaz&Co.' Flavoring extracts. Baker Extract Co Flavoring for soda water, etc., Benton, Hall&Co Flavoring for tonic mixtures. E. B. Hall ... Flour, wheat, Columbia Mill&Elevator Co Flour, wheat. Holmes and Barnes Food products, J. P. Cooper Foods, certain cereal. Corno Mill'” Co Fruits, basketed fresh, Charles&Co Golf club irons, A. G. Spalding&Bros Hair tonic and scalp remedy. M. L. Campbell Hair tonics, T. J. Mowry Hair tonics and restorers, G. O. Ranson Co Ham. mortndelle. cnpicolli, etc., pressed, H. Fiorentini Hosiery, Lord&Taylor66,368 to Hosiery. 1\1. Ilalff&Bro Hosiery, Rubens&Meyer Insecticidedistributers, Leggett&Brother, 66,425, Knit undershirts, Rubens&Marble Knives, razors, and shears. W. Pope Ladders, 'wooden step. E. M. Murray Magazine. monthly, Sporting Goods Publishing Co Malt preparations, certain. J. B. Weyer- mann Medicinal preparations. certain, Silver Suds Manufacturing Co Medicinal salts. Physicians Supply Co Medicines, certain, T. F. Lauhach Mosquito repellent, J. E. Lyle Naphtha, Standard Oil Co. of New York Ocbers. Firm of F. A. Reicbard 66,458, OH, certain, A. T , J oh nson Oil. corn, Corn Products Co 66.448, Overcoats, coats, pants, and vests, J. A. Marks Packing, machinery. B. F. Goodricb Co Paints. enamels. fillers. etc., S. B. Bowen .. Pamphlets relating to finance. Knickerbocker Audit Co Paper, safety, George La Monte&Son. 66.452, Paper, weekly, Sporting News Publisbing Co Paper, writing and printing, American Writing Paper Co. . Pencils and rubber erasers, lead, E. Faber.. Pencils, lead, E. Faller 66.358 to Perfumes and perfumed toilet powders, S. Palmer Pillow tops and slips and laundry bags, Sondbeim&Magnus Polishing and plating compounds, Argentina Co Preparation for the treatment of finger nails, F. Harnisch Preserving compounds, chemical. Protegit Co Pumps, steam engines. turbines, and parts thereof, Maschinenfabrik Oddesse Gesell- schaft mit hf'schrnnkter Haftung Pyrographic outfits. F. F. Rick&Co Ruhber erasers. E. Faler Snusage and ham, National Packing Co Shoes, leather. E. E, Taylor Co :;:kins and rugs. cf'rtnin, C. Schmitz&Co Soap, Lever Brothers Soap made of wool fat. Vf'reinigte Chemische Werke Aktiengesellschaft Soaps, L. F. Shinners Soaps, toilet, B. T. Babbitt. Inc Stove and metal polish. F.&E. Liebscher.. Teas, J. M. M'ontgomery Thread or spool cotton, sewing, Blndgett & Orswell Co 66.382 to Thread, spool and sewing! cotton, American Thread Co Tonic. laxative. and digestive preparii tions. I'. L. Childs 66.354, Trunks. leather. Sif'gel Cooper Co Unguent or salve, Frederick Laboratory Varnish. Glidden Varnish Co Washing compound, Pacific Coast Borax Co. Whisky. Glasner&Barzen Distilling&Importing Co Whisky, Henry Thode Co Whisky. Mattingly&Moore Dist'y Co Whisky, Ullman Einstein Co Whiskj'. Van Vleet-Mansfield Drug Co Wine and beer. preparation for preserving, A. Boake Roberts&Co Wines, California, T. Grumbacb 66.443 66,387 66.364 66.413 6(1.357 66.415 66,442 66.400 66.398 66.380 66.411 60.412 66,404 66.401 66.355 66.378 66.365 60.4:17 66,393 66.421 66.423 66.428 66.432 66,445 66,447 66,438 LABELS. "A. H. S.. “ for prepared potted beef, A. H. Smith 'Baker Bourbon,” for whisky, Frankfort Distillery "Baker Rye,” for whisky. Frankfort Distiller)' "Bromo-Mint,” for medicine. F. P. Crotzrr. “Hombrew,” for beer, Home Brewing&Ice "Ido.” for a beverage, llome Brewing&Ice "Mack Maiion's Diamond Rack Oil,” fur a medicinal oil, J. M. lIIahon "Mentholatum,” for a salve, Montholatum Co' "Protection.” for cigars, Heineman Brothers “The Ide:i l Liniment,” for a liniment for man nnd beast. K. S. Gross&Co "The Only 5e. Bull Heads,” for cigst rs. J. Furthmann ""'"hite Star Water,” for drinking water, J. Greenberg 13.901 13,897 1:1:1.898 13.902 13.896 13.899 13.904 13.903 13,895 13.905 13,894 13.000 PRINTS. "Apparel for Man and Boy,” for clothing. E. L. Boone 2,166 "Budweiser Girl.” for beer, Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n 2,161 'California Souvenir Playing Cards,' * for playing cards, M. Rieder 2,162 "Champion Harvesting M'achines.” for harvesting machinery, Hayes Lithographing Co 2,168 "Immaculate.” for enamels, Pinchin, Johnson&Co 2,164 "Men's and Boys' Apparel,” for men's and boys' apparel, H. C. Lytton 2,167 "Meritas, Table Oil Cloth.” for table oil clotb, Standard Oil Clotb Co 2,163 "Sanffas, Cloth Wall Covering,” for cloth wall covering, Standard Oil Clotb Co... 2.165 A printed copy of the specification and drawing of any patent in the foregoing list, or any patent in print issued since 1863, will be furnished from this office for 10 cents, provided the name and number of tbe patent desired and tbe date be C'iven. Address Munn&Co., 361 Broadway, New York. Canadian patents may now be obtained by the in vf'ntors for any of the inventions named in the foregoing list. For terms and furtber particulars addreM Munn .. Co., 361 Broadway, New York. U. S. 8. Flagship CONNECTICUT Showing Admiral's Barge, with our 80 H. P. Motor The BROWNELL or m Motors Have No Superior Embody most scientific and approved principles of internal combustion ergine construction 4. 6 and 8 Cylinders 1-5-160 Horse Power P. A. BROWNELL nOTOR COMPANY Successors to BROWNELL-TREBERT COMPANY 634.666 Lexington Ave .. Rochester, N. Y. ARTHUR KOPPEL COMPANY Consulting Engineers and nanufacturers of Portable and Industrial Railways Transportation is one of the vital points in industrial or contracting operations. It is our business not only to manufacture, but to design and install complete industrial and portable railways, thus insuring the greatest degree of economy in transportation of raw materials or finished products. ARTHUR KOPPEL COMPANY NEW YOR.K PITTSBURGH CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO Foreign Agents Wanted For Muffins Steel Boats Mulling Pressed Steel Boats are particularly adapted for use in hot climates. Built with air chambers in each end. Cannot sink, crack or leak—indestructible, elegant in design and finish and superior to wooden boats. Mullins Steel Motor Boats are fast and noiseless. Write forUluatrated catalogue lnEngllsh, French, Geuo or Spanish, giving complete description ofthecelebrated ini Motor Boats, Bow Boats, Hunting andFlsMngMt. The W. H. /Icr/Z/m Co. 118 Franklin St. Salem, O., U.S.A.