The ed'itor of the Eutaw Ob.erver was lately shown, by Dr. E. F. Bouchelle, a specimen of rock of the primitive order of formation, and of the pentxdral order of crystallization, containing in its center a globule of water, movable and visible. The water is, if there be any truth in geology, one of the oldest drops of water in the nniverse, far more ancient than the waters of the flood of Noah. To use the language of Dr. Bouchelle, " It is a drop of the waters that covered in darkness the face of the great deep when the earth was without form and void. In other words, this little drop is a portion of the first water that was created during the six days of Genesis, and became entangled among the particles of the rock quring the act or process of crystallization. The rock being primitive, or the first of creation, the water must also be primitive."