In the U. S. Senate, on the 24th inst., Senator Shields presented the petition of C. Lud-wig Richter, of Washington, and made the following remarks:— " The object of the petitioner is to have a part of the money which is proposed to be appropriated to Mr. Clark Mills set apart for his use and bci.efit. He states that he has learned that there is a proposition before Congress to make a donation of money to Mr. Mills, for his success in the construction of the Jackson equestrian statue. He represents that he is the person who invented the moulds, formed the moulding, and made the furnaces from which the statue has been cast, and that he is entitled to an equal share, at least, of whatever money may be appaopria-ted to Mr. Mills. I know nothing of the facts; but I deem it my duty to present the memorial, and move its reference to the Committee on Public Buildings. It was so referred.