It is estimated that jewelry to the value of $3,000,000 is manufactured yearly in New York. There are sixteen large houses engaged in the business and several small establishments. One concern does business to the amount of $500,000 a-year, and employs about 150 men. The wages vary from 10 to 18 dollars, and some men earn as high as $25 and even $30 per week. The workmen are mostly Germans, though there are many French and Americans. The gold used is chiefly that ot sovereigns; the refined gold from the bullion offices is likewise worked up. Literary Notices LETTERS TO COUNTRY GIRLS—By Jane G.Swiss-helm ; 1 vol, 12mo., cloth, pp. 219 ; J. C. Biker, 129 Fulton st, New York. Some good advice, written in an homely manner, which we hope will be read by those for whom it is intended. Mrs Swisshelm is rather eccentric in many of her notions, and bas often an abrupt manner in expressing herself, but there is much common sense in many of her odd sayings, and both country girls and city ladies will not do wrong to read over her letters, which contain much practical information and sound advice that may benefit the junior portion of her sex. The book is free from politics and those peculiar notions of which the authoress is so able an advocate. PUTNAM'S MONTHLY—Vol.I., Nos. 1, 2, 3 ; 25cts. per number. Putnam Co ", New York. This magazine, of which we have received the first three numbers, promises tobe an excellent monthly publication, and much judgment is displayed in catering for the varying tastes of all. Considering the vast quantity of reading contained in each number, the whole of which is original, it may be reckoned as the cheapest magazine ever published, and we prognosticate for the publishers an unparallellp.d succ s?, if it continues to be edited with the same spirit as is evinced in the commencement. HISTORY AND PRAOTIOE OP DAGUERREOTYPING —By A. Eisbee, published by h. Claflin, Dayton, O. A small work in the pamphlet form, containing instructions in Daguerreotyping, and which will be found very useful to the incipient operator. In addition to other matter, there are several receipts for making quick stuff, rouge, etc , by which ? the artist will be enabled to make up many chemicals, for which he is excessively overcharged by dealers and others. Every daguerreotypist ought to know how to make his own chemicals if he wishes to insure success. MINNIPIE'S DRAWING BOOK—No 6 of this incomparable work on Elementary Mechanical Drawing, is now ready, and is for sale by Dewitt Davenport, Tribune Buildings, this city. AMERICAN RAILWAY GUIDE—Published by C. Dins-more Oo. 22 Spruce street, New York. The fourth anniversary of this valuable publication commenced with the April number, which is now ready, containing the official timetables of the railways throughout the United States. THE GREAT ORATIONS OP DANIEL WEBSTER— For sale by Dexter Brother, 43 Ann street. This publication contains five of Mr. Webster's greatest efforts, and is sold for 37 1 2 cts. GRAY'S ELEGY ILLUSTRATED—A beautiful illuminated volume, containing this popular poem has just been issued from the Waverly Magazine Office, Boston, and can be had of M essrs.Dexter Brother, 43 Ann st, N. Y.