On the Eastern shore of Lake Superior, there is an iron ore said to be nearly as pure as pig iron. The following is a table of the strength in lb per inch of different kinds of iron as tested by Major "Wade. Iron from Salisbury, Conn. 58,000 Iron from Sweden -58,184 Iron from Centre Co., Pa. 58,400 Iron from Lancaster Co., Pa. 58,661 Iron from Mclnty re, Essex Co., N. Y. 58,912 Iron from England (cable bolt, E, V.) 59,105 Ironfrom Russia 76,069 Iron from Jackson Mountain, Lake Superior, as determined by Maj. "Wade 89,582 It is perfectly possible to make iron of even superior strength to this out of the New York and Connecticut ores, but at what cost this is the question? IS is not possible to tell the I qualityof an ore by merely testing the iron made from it; we want to know how that iron was made. Steel is stronger than iron, yet it can be made out of iron from any good ores.