Notwithstanding the rise in the price of lead, the tables made up, show a deficit in the amount procured in. the above State during the past year compared with those preceding. The following are deduced as the causes : 1st. The number of the mining population which the California emigration has carried off, amounting to at least one baif. 2d, The failures in sinking for ores below the water level of the small beds of rock. 3d, The mining population being citizens of foreign birth, who take no interest in mining except for wages. 4th, Want of sufficient economical machinery to drain the wet grounds. 5th, Want of a sufficient capital, and a more general knowledge of the geology of the lead basins. A lump of gold weighing 247 ounces, was picked up at Yankee Hill, in the vicinity of Sonora, valued at about $4,250.