The annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting brings a wealth of scientific minds to the shores of Germany’s Lake Constance. Every summer at Lindau, dozens of Nobel Prize winners exchange ideas with hundreds of young researchers from around the world. Whereas the Nobelists are the marquee names, the younger contingent is an accomplished group in its own right. In advance of this year’s meeting, which focuses on physics, we are profiling several promising attendees under the age of 30. The profile below is the fifth in a series of 30.

Name: Ankan Bag
Age: 21
Born: Howrah, India
Nationality: Indian

Current position: Undergraduate student in five-year integrated M.S. program, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata

What is your field of research?
Experimental condensed matter physics, statistical physics and the quantum Hall effect.

What drew you to physics, and to that research area in particular?
My mother was a physics teacher; she used to teach students at home. From my childhood, I am listening to the beautiful theories of physics, which was the first reason I got interested in it.

Secondly, in my school RKM Narendrapur, one of the finest residential schools in India, I had truly beautiful teachers, who inspired me a lot. Finally, and obviously, I love the subject so much for its various dimensions and applicability. I just started doing experiments in condensed matter physics.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Doing research in condensed matter physics with a renowned group.

Who are your scientific heroes?
Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman.

What activities outside of physics do you most enjoy?
One of my hobbies is painting and creative art. I learned it from the age of 4 and I still love to do it. I participated in one international painting competition representing India. I try to create computer graphics nowadays with new creative ideas. I also love to do photography, rock climbing, cycling and adventure sports, and I play football, badminton, table tennis and squash.

What do you hope to gain from this year’s Lindau meeting?
What I expect from the meeting is inspiration for pursuing research in physics. Also I will interact with students and faculties from different origins and places. All in all I want to gain experience, learn physics and make good friends.

Are there any Nobelists whom you are particularly excited to meet or learn from at Lindau?
I want to meet Prof. Dr. David Gross and Prof. Dr. Albert Fert. I have applied for the master class on spintronics which will be taught by Prof. Fert. And Prof. Gross is an eminent person I have heard of, and I want to meet him, too.

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