Reported Officially far the Scientific American Issued from the United States Patent Office FOB THE WEEK .ENDING JANUARY 11, 1853. HAKES TO HARVESTERSMDASH;By T. Baylis amp;* Daniel Williams, of Tecumseh, Mich. : We claim the construction and method of operating the rake, together with the use of the jointed brake, in facilitating the discharge of tlie sheaf at the rear of the machine, as set forth. I/ATHE8 FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SURFACES mdash; By Nathan Chapin, of New York City: I claim constructing the clampingheadawith a V projection on the interior face, in combination with the orifices to act through said clam ps and V projection, for the purpose of introducing key slats, in order to retain the piece firmly in position, duving the operation of turning the interior and exterior surfaces. Second, I claim giving to the sliding and vibrating interior cutter, suspended on the stationary mandrel motion, corresponding to the pattern to be turned. by a rod passing through the stationary mandrel, as described. GALVANIC UAT'J?EKIE8MDASH; By Moses G-. .Farmer, of Salem, Mass.: I claim the improved cell, made as described, viz. : with a part only of it porous, or so a;s to permit the electricity to pass from the nitric acid or liquid within it through such part, and into the liquid surrounding the cell, the remainder of the cell being made by glazing or other moans, impervious to the passage of electricity, and acid or liquid through it, as specified. SOTTHE FASTENINGSmdash;By P. Prost, of Springfield, Vt.: I claim the peculiar construction of the loop and the set ring, with the grooves, in the manner set forth. CIHCDLAR SAWSMDASH;By Ammi M. George, of Nashua N. H.: I claim in combination with a circular saw, driven by friction, near its periphery, the guard plate with its arbor, around which the saw runs, arid by which it is held into the wood, and on "which tlie hoard or veneer, being sawed, may rest and relieve the saw from all friction therefrom, and by which means I am enabled to cut boards or veneers, of nearly equal width with the diameter of the saw, as deflcribed. PIBE POMSHISS GLASSMDASH;By J. I. Gilliland, of Brooklyn. N. Y.: I claim the method substantially as described, of fire-polishing "glass by means of a rotating table, provided with a hollow handle, or its equivalent and gear, by which said table can be rotated as described. BUCKLESmdash;By Peter P. K Haydea, of New Yolk City: I claim constructing the buckle in tho manner described, viz., by uniting or eonr*eticg the two ends of the body of the buckle, by meanM of a boss formed at each of the two ends of the body, said bosses being in contact with each, other, and forming a bulb, around which one end of the tongue i clasped, the end of the tongue, which surrounds the bulb, having a recess or groove in its inner surface, which conforms to the convexity of the balb. aud keeps or binds the bosses firmly together, and also keeps the tongue in its proper place. MANURE SPBEADEBSmdash;By Silas A. Hedges, of Lancaster, Ohio: I claim constructing a manure cart with two bodies, the front one of which is raised or tilted, for the discharge of manure into the rear one, by the action of the land axle, by means of another axle and tackle, when thrown into gear by the hand lever, arranged as set forth. I also particularly claim tile combination of the endless apron, the tilting body, and raising the tailboard simultaneously with throwing in gea r tto endless slotted apron, as set forth. Copymo PAPIKMDASH;By Wm. Mann, of Philadelphia, Pa. Ante-dated July 11,1852 : I claim the copying paper described, composed of Manilla fibre, or the equivalent thereof, temporal y.-ith cotton or its equivalent, as set forth. SCREW CUTTING PISSmdash;B,v Andryw Mayer, of Philadelphia, Pa..: I claim arrafigiflij solid dies between the side plates, or their equivalents of a stock, in such manner that they fire free to play, to a limited distance, in a plane perpendicular to the axia of the bolt or pipe, to bo screwed, while they are, at the same time, incapable of revolution in the sameplane, as described. STEAM BOILERSmdash;By Pvich'd Montgomery, of New York City: I claim rivetting together the overlap ping flanges of the opposite sides of the sheet flues in steam boilers in the manner described, whereby the flues are firmly attached each to each, and the usual iluo sheet is dispensed with; and also certain advantages in construction attained in other parts of the boiler, as described. Also the method of connecting a series of flues and water spaces with the roof or arch of the fire box, by means of tongues which project from the latter, and are secured, alternately, to the faces of the water spaces and to the tops of the flues. SMUT MAOHINESmdash;By Dan "Pease, Jr., of Floyd, N. Y.: I claim the employment of tho adjustable de flestor set at an angle to throw the grain in different directions, in combination with the receiver, the top of the said receiver being adjustable to any height desired, and the front piece of the same being set in such a position, in relation to the deflector that it will, when the grain strikes the deflector, be thrown against the said plane surface, which, from its peculiar position, will throw the grain in a partially spread state, up against tlie adjustable top, which causes it to spread still more, and then to fall down on the ribbed bottom, and pass oft through the wind pipe. " Also, causing the grain to spread to a greater or less degree, by making the top of the receiver adjustable to different heights, as described.