HINTS TOWARDS REFORMSBy Horace Greeley; Fowler amp; Wells, New York : 12mo., pp. 426 ; price $1. The volume before us is the second edition of a work, by our well-known contemporary, the Editor of the Tribune newspaper. It consists, principally, ot political and social disquisitions in the shape of lectures and addresses delivered at various periods, by the author, expressive of his sentiments upon those subjects. Many of the ideas broached are original, but the main fault of Greeley, as a Reformer, is in the visionary character of his plans, or rather in their want of practical details, which are usually overlooked as of none or of only secondary importance. The present edition is somewhat enlarged, with an appendix, containing the "Crystal Palace and its Lessons." We were, however, disappointed on reading his account, which is very meagre, and contains but little information on the subject. The "Lessons" are not worth mach, and, on the last page, Horace Greeley has proved himself a false seer, for his pbrophecies of what was to take place, in 1852, hare not turned out as he had anticipated Europe has rematoed in tranquil repose, Kostuth lives quietly in London, and the " false juggler of the Elyse Bourbon," instead of dreading " the ides of May," to quote the words of the Author, is now Napoleon III, by the votes of the Trench people. LIFB AND MEMORIALS OF DANIEL WEBSTER2 vols., 12tno. ; price 50 cents: Appleton amp; Co , New York. These volumes, which form a part of the series of " Appleton's Popular Library," contain a biography of the late Daniel Webster, with personal memorials of the departed statesman, and other ori-gioal and interesting memoranda, respecting him while alive. A part of the contents have already appeared in. the ' Hew York Daily Times," from which they are now re-printed under the author's supervision, but additional information has been gleaned from other sources. The second volume is particularly interesting and well worthy of perusal. Graham's Magazine for January is one of the most beautiful numbers yet issued of this sterling serial. In point of beauty of illustrations, typographical appearance, and withal its choice array of contents, it has never been equalled by any other publication of the kind. METER'S UNIVERSUMPart ll'containsfour beautiful steel engravings and descriptive text. The present number commences a new volume. Price of each part 25cts. : H. J. Meyer, 164 William street, N. Y,, publishers.