AMERICAN POLYTECHNIC JOURNAL—This is the title of a new monthly magazine devoted to Science, Mechanic Arts, and Agricultore, conducted by Prof. Charles G. Page, J. J. Greenough, and C. L. Heisch-mann. It is published in this city and Washington, at $3 per annum. We like this number wellmdash;it is edited with great ability. Prof. Page has an excel-lentand profound article on the (tAcarusCrossi,"in which he expresses views* in accordance with our own respecting the superficial experiments and absurd conclusions of Reichenback. We wish our new cotemporary success. GUIDS TO KNOWLEDGEmdash;By Eliza Bobbins; 1 vol. 12mo.; price 621-2 cents. Appleton amp; Co., New York. This little work, in the form of question and answer, is a useful addition to our elementary school books. The present rising generation are more fortunate in this respect than their forefathers, for while, now, "books suited to every capacity of learners can be counted by scores, there was a time when all elementary knowledge was supposed to be comprehended in the " Latin Grammar." The modern progress in the course of education, we look upon as the greatest event of our times, and the class of books that it has.given rise to are often of a superior character. The above, however, is merely elementary for young persons, but although small it is encyclopediac, and contains much useful knowledge for children. HUNT'S MERCHANTS' MAGAZINEMDASH;Vol. 28, No. 1. Hunt's Merchants' Magazine has now entered_ on its 28th volume, and judging from1 the number pust issued, the present volume, when finished, will not fail to be equal to its predecessors. As a periodical publication this magazine contains a vast amount of statistical information and excellent articles on the business topics of the times. To our commercial men we would particularly recommend the work as well suited to their pursuits and calling; in like manner thegeneral reader will find much to amuse and interest him in its pages: The current number is illustrated with a portrait of Gen. Dearborn. SHIPBUILDERS' MANUALMDASH;This is the title of a new work by John W. Griffiths, of this city, Marine Architect and Practical Shipbuilder, and author of the " Theory and Practice of Ship Building." This new work will embrace all that is new and interesting in the art of ship-building. Within the pant three years, Bince the discovery of California, \he building offamp;st-sailing or clipper ships has progressed with as great a rapidity as the peopling of California itself, A new book on ship-building is absolutely necessary now, and Mr. Griffiths has braced himself to the task of producing it. The price of each number is 26 cents. Sold by Gt. W. Stevenson, 333 Broadway, N. Y. ORNAMENTAL TJEAWINOS FOR PAINTERS AND SCULPTORSmdash;We have received the two first numbers of a new work by Weik amp; Wieck, Chestnut tt., Philadelphia, which we consider of the utmost importance to a very large number of our readers. It comprises a number of sheets published monthly, at 60 cents each set, consisting of four beautifully executed ornaments, drawn by good artists. Ornamental Painters, please pay attention. LITTELL'S LIVING AGEMDASH;This is really the beEt weekly magazine in the world : It contains a reprint of the best essays and tales of the foreign magazines ; they are selected with admirable tact and tastemdash;the very cream of foreign literature. The present number for thisweek (453) is one of thebeet we have ever read. It is published in Boston, and is for sale in thfa city by Dewitt_amp; Davenport. "Dickens' Household Words and United States Register," Vol. 1, new series. The American reprint of this entertaining journal is now conducted byMcElrathamp; Lord, 17 Spruce st. Ten numbers have been issued of this veluma. Terras $2,50 per annum. , THE BAPTIST PREACHERMDASH;This able monthly periodical, H. Keeling, editor, published at Richmond, Va-, contains one of the ablest sermons we ever read on " The Fores of Habit," by W. Hooper, D. D,. of North Carolina.