MACAULAY'S SPEECHES . - 2 vols. 12mo. : Redfield, Nassau street, N . Y. Price $2. i n clot h. -We are in .. debted to that enterprisiDg publisher, S. P. Red field , for tbisne .. editi"", of tho speeohe. of th e Rt H on. T. B . Ma.caulay, the historian, e8sjist, and states man. The HOD. ge ntleman's fame i s world wide, so th at any eulogium tha.t we might bestow upon .these ??pecimeD8 of his ora.torical abilities, would be un iversally considered as :;; uperfi uous We would .therefore. merely direct attention to what is state din the preface?? ,that " Tb e fol lo wi ng ??pE"ecbes, w h i ch are DOW tor t h e time brought together, ate reprint .. ed i n a,coDnected an d com v1 e te series fr om the stan .. d a.rd author i t y, H an R a rd 's Parli a m e n t ary Debates. They embra.ce th e whole of the distinguished ora fo r's course in th e House of COmmc,Da fl om 1830 to the present d ay ." Th e work i s very neatly got u p , a n d o u g h t t o be . exteD8i vely c irculated , for n o O D e that h as read Macaulay's History of England, ca n fdoil to feel an inclin ation for a further acquaintance with the auth or. Pos,\, OFFIOE DIREOTORy-Price 50 centH ; C. R. Rode, 161 Broad w ay. T h i s i s a book t h at every bu aineRs man ought 10 have in' h is office as a. COIDf . Dian to the C i ty Directory , and tQ those w h o h aTe much c o'r res pon de nce it is ev"n more Dece??Rary. 'r be different post offices are a rranged in alpbabe tical order, with the Dames of the County and State ;n which each is located, as well as t h at of the POI-t master. Some curiOUIii atati Rtics ma.y be gJeaned fr om this appare ntly dry work . ith its formidabl e array of n amel!' i n double co l umns1 for ??xample, we have recorded i n it 25 places namtd Wasbi'Dgton,' and others whe re Wa.Rhington form'3 part of the n am e, 22 FrankliD8, 19 B uena. Vistas, c. c, E'vi .. dQDCeS that it c ontains an a.mple list of Post om "e8, and its correctneEB is certi fied by C h au n c e y Smith, of tbe Po.t Office D.partme nt, at Wa,hington. Useful tables of postage for the United States, Canada, and o ther foreiinco untrics, c., are pre fi.1ed. LITTBLL'S LIVING AGIC- No. 455 of this able w kl y Magaz i u e conh.ins 10 excelle'nt ar ti cle s, t h e fi n;t, n amed the ,. Cotton Metropolis, or city of Manches .. ter, E ??glan d , ift one of , b e most able a D d i n st) nctive articles we e ver read. It wil l r u b the mist o ff the e J as of ma.ny .m en w h o have an i d e a tbJLt maDufacturillg operations are n ecessarily degrading. Littell , Son, B oston, publl,hers. .. SBRIAL PUBLICA.TIONS F O R F X B R UA.RY.-Graham's M aga.zine con ta.ius several fiDe U l u Rtrati oDs and e x cellent original m atter ; D e wi tt Davenport Eigents. Meyer's Universum contains four fiDe 8t??el tl ll p l a .. vings, with descriptive arti cl e a of rare lPeTit. The present n u m ber, 12, closes the first volume : H. J. Meyer, N e w York, publisher. "Ne w England Cul tivator," e d ite d by G.orge P. Burn am , Esq . is a. neat, aareeable, and, withal. a. very lIseful agricul tu ral journ al The editor i s a grtn tl e m an of taste, discrimination, and ability, and well underst an ds wha.t be writes a.bout. .B oston , Mass. Terms $2.