That domestic trouble, the washing day, often has its difficulties doubled by the burns and bruises which the laundress gets on her hands during the process of ironiae. The method which eareful housewives adopt to remedy tbh enl, the amount of paper they carefully fold together the day before, or the busy way in which the fingers of the juveniles are employed in stitching together pieces of cloth for the purpose of holding the sad iron, are often truly amusing ; how grateful, then, will housekeepers be to us when we inform them that such trouble is no longer necessary, and that a simple little iron holder has been invented by Leon Londinsky, of New York, and patented by him June 2nd, 1857. Our engravings illustrate the invention, Fig. 1 being a perspective view of the holder on the iron, and Fig. 2 being an end view of the holder only. A A' are the two ends made of zinc or other metal plate, and turned over to admit two pieces of spring, B B', one at oaoh end, between them and the handle, which is in two pieces—being cut through the center longitudinally ; C is a small slotted piece fixed to the half end, A, in which works a pin on the half, A', that prevents the handle being opened beyond the tension of the spring ; E E' are two pieces of wood attached to the bottom of the ends that serve as a shield to prevent the knuckles being burned by the radiated heat from the body of the iron ; a a are parts of the end pieces turned at right angles to the end, and they being on each side of the iron handle, hinder the holder from shaking round th iron. The operation is simple :—The handle is grasped by the hand, the thumb and forefinger being passed through the loops seen in Fig. 1, the holder is then opened as in Fig. 2, and passed over the handle of the iron and the force of the spring is allowed to close it, and the iron is held firmly without fear of burning, as wood is interposed between the hand and the hot handle of the iron, and also between the hand and the body of the iron. The cost of manufacture of these useful additions to household economy ia very trifling, and the patent with full machinery for their production is for sale. Any further information can be obtained by addressing Messrs. Harris & Jacobson, 67 Nassau street, New York.