An improved machine has been invented by William G. Merrell, of Auburn, N. Y., for turning or cutting ovals, tor which he has taken measures to secure a patent. The " trammel " is an instrument well known to all joiners, draughtsmen, and other artisans, and is used by them for drawing ovals. It is merely a plate having two slots crossing each other in it, at right angles. There is a stock having two pins, which fit in the slots in the trammel plata—a pin to each slot—and to the end of the stock is attached a pencil. By turning the stock the pencil will describe the oval. This instrument hitherto has never been successfully used for turning or cutting ovals, in consequence of the difficulty of giving the stock a quick motion, it being necessary that the stock should work steady and firm. The difficulty spoken of, in reference to the stock, is removed by this improvement, by a simple arrangement of cutter stock and a driving pulley.