The “Niles (Mich.) Republican” of the 9th inst., relates that during an afternoon of last week they were shown a fragment from an enormous jaw which had just been lound about five feet from the surface of the ground by a man residing in Wayne Township, Cass County (about 14 miles east ot this). In the jaw was a grinder which measures seven inches in length, and four inches across the top. The portion found—which is evidently but a small portion of the whole jaw—weighs Hi pounds. The point of a largo tusk was also found, some 18 in. long, partly petrified, the balance showing most beautiful ivory. Some five years since, a portion of the jaw ot the same animal was found near the since place, which weighed upward of 80 pounds; also,a rib as long as a common scythe, which grew in the animal edgewise.