Anthony Sohn, of Monroeville, 0., has taken measures to secure a patent for useful improvements in machines for filling match frames preparatory to the dipping operation. In the manufacture of friction matches, the dipping of a large number is always effected at the same time, by securing them in a frame in such a manner that their ends are all even. They require to be held in the frame—each match by itself, to prevent their adhering together by the melted sulphur or the igniting compound; the manner of placing them in the frame has always been difficult to perform aright, and tip** *"") nearly all done by hand. This improvement is intended to perform and repeat the operation of taking a suitable number, for one row, from a box or hopper, and depositing them separately in the frame, so that all the hand labor necessary to be performed will simply consist in placing a piece of pasteboard or a thin slab of aay suitable material between the successive rows. The improvements which have been made in the manufacture of friction matches, within the past fifteen years, have been of the greatest benefit to the human rare—friction matches are now one of the most useful and necessary articles of civilized life. For further particulars address the assignee, Wm. Gates, Jr., Frankfort, N. Y.