Extensive steel works are in progress of construction at Bridgeport, Conn., and the Williams Silk Factory is to be converted into a manufactory of hats. An American gentleman writes from London that common American corn cobs are sold in the streets of that city as, " Patent fire lighters—eight for a penny." A firm in Alton, N. H., have recently concluded a contract to make fifteen million spools. It is estimat Jd that one thousand cords of birch wood will be required to fill the contract. The Albany and Susquehanna Kailroad is now in full running operation from Albany to Binghamton, and three trains are running each way daily. The value of the iron product of Marquette county, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Superior, during the year 1858, amounted to nearly four millions of dollars. The Bennington and Rutland Kailroad company have leased the Lebanon Springs road and will hereafter run in close connection with the Harlem Road. Copper mining in Michigan employs a capital of fifty million dollars and aboutf orty thousand workmen. A clock manufactory at New Haven made last year 200,000 movements and 140,000 cases. The cotton crop of Texas will be this year 240,000 bales worth, $18,000,000 in gold. A large soap factory has been recently put in operation at San Antonio, Texas. The first cottonmill built in New. England was at Putnam, Conn, PhiladelphiaSclainjsthe larges|*uibl)rdlla factory in the world.