The Ring saw mill, at West Bath, Me., was entirely burned up a few nights since. The Boston Weekly Spectator says of this mill that it occupied the site of what was probably the oldest tide mill in the country. The first saw mill was built in 1741, and was a double mill, built in the oldest style. It stood but a few years before it was destroyed by fire. The second mill was built in 1740, and is known to have stood less than fourteen years, as in 1763, a third mill was built, and still a fourth one was built on the same site in 1782, which stood twenty-four years. The fifth and last mill was built in 1806, and embraced all the then latest improvements. The Earrisburg (Pa.) Guard says an experiment is being made with a new kind of fuel on some of the steamboats running on the Missouri river. Itis a compressed coal, the process of preparing which originated in England, and is claimed to be greatly superior to common lump coal. It is now in use on board the steamships of the West India and Pacific Mail Company, and has been found to make steam faster, and to admit of more compact stowage than ordinary coal. An exchange says : Titusville,Pa., is tohave a velocipede school shortly, and the oil operators are all going to take lessons, with a view to riding from well to well. They liope thereby to avoid the muleclpedes and old hossipedesforinlyin vogue there. Quite a number of northern manufacturers are reported to be looking about Weldon, North Carolina, with a view of establishing factories there if the result of their examination is favorable. Seed of the Cinchona tree, from which quinine is made, is to be distributed gratuitously by M. F. Maury, of Lexington, Ya., f or a trial through the mountain regions of the Southern States. The North American says, The new oil well at Franklin, which has been creating a sensation lately, has pegged out, and is now only yielding two or three barrels daily. The Temascal tin mine in California now gives occupation to twenty-five hands, mostly Englishmen from Cornwall, anh the prospects for a rich and permanent yield are said to be in the highest degree favorable. A Frenchman intends to try the experiment of growing poppiea for the purpose of extracting opium during the coming season in Louisiana. Crude oil is said to command from $650 to $5T5per barrel at tlie principal points in the oil regions. A manufacturing concern at Chicopee, Mass., makes over two hundred and seventy-five different styles of locks varying in price from twenty-live cents to one dollar. A statement recently made to the Board of Trade, at Providence, R, I., shows that in case of fire the fire engines of that city would exhaust the water supply in three hours. The shoe manufacturers at Bridgewater, Mass., cannot answer their orders they accumulate so fast. A new bridge across the Allegheny river, at Bradys Bend was completed on Feb. 2d. Cincinnati announces a combined velocipede, musical, and elocutionary entertainment. Vermont has already commenced the production of her annual crop of maple sugar. The paper mills at Russell and Huntington, Mass., :ire now running on half time. The Texas newspapers are intending to found a mill to maKe their own paper. Keportsfrom Wisconsin state that the winter has been extremely favorable for lumbering, and large quantities have been got out. Beturns from Louisiana make the value of the sugar manufactured in 18CS twenty millions of dollars. The lemon and lime trees of Florida are reported to have been largely killed out by the frosts in that State. The orange trees will recover. The travel last year between France and England was less than between Boston and New York. The New York ice merchants, notwithstanding themildness of the winter, have gathered a full crop, and the supply of ice for the coming summer will be abundant. Facts for the Ladies I can inform anyone Interested of hundreds of Wheeler & Wilson Machines of twelve years wear that to-day are in better condition than one entirelg new. I have often driven one of them at a speed of eleven hundred stitches a minute. I have repaired fifteen different kinds of Sewing Machines, and I have found yours to wear better than any other. With ten years experience; in Sewing Machines of different kinds, yours has stood the greatest and the ] severest test for durability and simplieity. GEORGE L. CLARK. Lynrtenville, N. Y.