QUICKSIIVER—It is asserted that the increasedproduotion of the California quicksilver mines has stimulated the workings of the old Almaden mines in Spain, andthe Austrian mines of Idria, and that the price of this metal has fallen in consequence in London, where it is fifteen per cent lower than it was four or five years ago. California now sends quicksilver to various places in the following order of their importance—the first mentioned taking the smallest quantity; British Columbia, Australia, South America, Great Eritain, New York, Mexico, and, during the past year, China, which was the best customer. The Central Pacific Railroad Company finds it exceedingly difficult to keep their employes from deserting, on account of the White Pine gold excitement. They ship car loads of workmen who get their ride for nothing, and strike for the gold region when they get as near as the road can carry them. An item stating that the first cotton mill erected in New England was at Putnam, Conn., recently found its way into our manufacturing items by mistake. The first cotton mill erected in the United States was at Paw -tucket, B. I., built by Samuel Slater in 1793. The amount of petroleum remaining unsold in the United States on the first of January last is stated at 520,588 barrels; afloat and in Europe, 439,668 barrels; total 960,256, showing a decrease of 312,925 barrels as compared with the first of January, 1863. St. Thomas Church, in New York city, is to have a full chime of bells, the largest of which will weigh 5,500 pounds and be the heaviest harmonic bell ever cast in the country. A valuable sulphur deposit has been found in Louisiana, near Lake Charles, 500 feet beneath the surface. One thousand stationary engines are employed in the manufacturing establishments of Philadelphia. The revolution in Cuba has raised the price of sugar and greatly depressed the hoop-pole business in Maine. The first piano shipped to Japan was sent recently by a New Haven manufacturer. One of the Oriental Powder Companys mills, in Gorham, Maine, blew up on Saturday. A Prussian named Shaiel had his leg broken. No one else was hurt. A transparent agate inclosing a drop of water has been found in Willamette river, Oregon. The product of the Nevada mines f OP1868 is stated as being sixteen millions of dollars. Seeds of theoork tree have been broughtfrom Portugal to Florida with a view to test its cultivation there. A seventy-five poundAugget one-third gold, is Bald to have been recently found in an Oregon mine. Earth is stated to have been found frozen in a Colorado mine at a depth of 125 feet.. /.. j An Illinoisbeet sugar company useB fifty tuns of beets a Say, and will soon I increase its consumption to sixty tuns. ; A worlds fair, to be held in San Francisco in 1870, is talked of. j Gold diggings have been discovered in Scotland. I A canal across the State of Georgia Is talked of.