In pegging boots by steam, twenty cases, or240 pair of boots, arc a usua day's work. One man in Hopkinton, Mass., has pegged eighty-three cases 1,S82 boots, in two days. He once pegged forty-eight booty, tv/ice round in fourteen minutes, anddid one boot, in a trial of speed, in thirteen* seconds. The California papers state that the total amount of treasure exported during the year 1868 from San Prancisco to New York and foreign countries was $35,444,395, a decrease of over $6 000,000 from 1807, and that the amo unt of merchandise exported was ?']2,000,i)43, showing an increase of about $500, 000 over the previous year. California exchanges state that the track of the Central Pacific Railroad was a week ago laid to a point 495% miles east of Sacramento. The road ia graded 100 miles west from the northern end of Salt Lake—and between these two points the gap is only 65 miles,56miles of which are graded. Porty to fifty days more will complete it. In several of the mines in Cornwall, England, there are galleries which ex tend under the sea, where the sound of the waves is distinctly heard when the seain a storm rolls boulders and pebbles over their roofs. The little town of Lisbon, M". H., manufactures annually over 50,000 mackerel kits, 500,000 bobbins, 25,000 bushels of shoe pegs, and over 300 tuns of starch. The large six driver engine recently put on the Boston, Hartford, and Ei-h Kailroad will draw with ease one hundred loaded freight cars. Prom 1804 to 1827, North Carolina furnished all the gold produced in thrt United States. The aggregate of all her gold yield up to 1800 is about 13,300,000. The Pacific Railroad Company have commenced arrangements for a grand excursion from New York to California upon the completion of the road. We liave received some good specimens of okra paper made at th Chickasabogue Paper Mills, near Mobile, Alabama, recently noticed in our paper. An English improvement in envelopes is to gum the under side, BO thai the tongue is not applied to anything but the paper in sealing. It is contemplated to erect water works in Meriden, Conn., including si. dams, which will cost nearly $200,000. It is said that for every acre put in cotton last year in Tennessee two will be planted in 1869. A very fine quality of glue hay, it is said, been made from the vyw of fishes. The twelve leading railway companies of Great Britain own 6,505 loconuv tives valued at over $80,000,000. Aline of four first-class steamships is proposed to run between Philadelphia and Bremen. A starch mauufactory in Massa chusetts uses a thousand bllshela of pota toes daily. East Tennessee is experimenting in the culture often. A plan for driving piles by gunpowder has been invented. The Madison, N. H., leadmine is being worked with great success.