The new American Print Works, atFall River, Mass., are nearly finished, and are filling with machinery. The Mechanics' Mills, in the same town, are receiving machinery, and will commence running in about three months. Theywill run 50,000 spindles, 1,200 looms, and will weave 13,000,000 yards of print cloths per annum. A powerful steam saw mill on wheels is building at Worcester, Mass., It is to be moved about the country and used wherever wanted. The machine weighs twelve tuns. Almost one thousand passengers were delayed along the line of the Union Pacific Kailroad by the recent snow blockade. It has been estimated that at present rates of cutting, the pine timber of Michigan will be exhausted in 17 years. The Georgia White OakLumber Company have now in operation a floating steam factory turning out 1,500 finished staves per day. Part of a brewery at Morrisiana,N. Y., was crushedon Saturday by several thousand tuns of rock and earth falling upon it from a hill in the rear. The Turner's Falls (Mass.) Water Power Company have leased 200-horse power, with privilege of 400 more, to a gentleman of New York, who will employ it in making paper pulp from poplar wood. . T*o millions of cattle are, upon the authority of Letheby, killed annually in South America for the fat skins and bones solely. A green corn company is erecting at Farmington, Me., a factory 100 feet by 60 feet and three stories in hight. There are 107 cabinet manufacturing establishments in New York city, employing in the aggregate 3,000 men. The Philadelphia Water Works supply water to 959 manufacturing es tablishments. Kansas has already 600 miles of railroad in active operation.