Immense discoveries of gold placers are reported from Alaska. The mines are on the main land, 120 milesf romKodiak Island, in latitude 61 degrees north, and longitude 100 degrees west from Greenwich. Three several discoveries have been made; the first on Kuyack river and Chigmet j mountains, the second about 60 miles above Sitka, the third on an ocean I island, the name of which is unknown. The mines, on account of the climate, can only be worked five months in the year. The Fulton Iron Foundery, at Pittsburgh, Pa., are doing: some heavy work Among their recent productions is a fly wheel used in the Union Mills, of that city, which weighs 22% tuns, and was cast in one piece. At these works chill rolls 30% inches in diameter and 96 inches in length of body, have recently been made, each casting containing 15% tuns of metal. The Yantic thread company of Fall River, Mass., has decided to erect a mill with 5,000 spindles to spin yarn. The Fall Eiver manufacturing company will build on the site of its cotton mill, burned down in May last. The new mill will contain 25,000 spindles and 600 looms, and will weave-6,000,000 yards of prints annually. The old mill had only 9,000 epindles and 185 looms. A cotton mill with 10,000 spindles is to be started at New Orleans, and a similar one at Savannah, Ga. Within a few weeks $600,000 worth of manufacturing stock has been subscribed for at Columbus, Ga. The production of beet-root sugar in Europe last year was as follows : 220,000 tuns in France; 165 in Germany; 97,500 in Russia ; 92,500 in Austria ; 32,500 in Belgium; 15,000 in Poland and Sweden, and 7,500 tuns in Holland. It is stated that the New Jersey Central Railroad has appointed a number of district surgeons along the line of their road to give prompt attention to sufferers in accidents. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company, have shipped from Baltimore 3,220 tuns of coal to Japan, 3,892 to San Francisco, and 803 tuns to Hong Kong. A Western paper says that solid masses of gold underlie the Rocky Mountains. All that is wanted to secure it is an " eligible hole." The snow shed of the Central Pacific Railroad is the biggest building in the world. It is 16 feet wicle,16 feet hign, and 22 miles long, and took about forty million feet of lumber. The Sault Ste. Marie Canal has/been ceded to the United States by the State of Michigan. Four thousand million pounds of rags are estimated to bo made annually into paper in the world. Our English exchanges are full of brag over their new iron clad, the 'Hercules. They claim that she is the swiftest and most powerful vessej afloat. A triple barrel gun has been invented in Pittafleld, Mass., two barrels for shot and one for ball. France during the last year exported two hundred thousand dollars worth of velocipedes. Glass mold boards for plows to resist corroding soils are said to have been recently invented. Indiana is said to have eight* thousand square miles of iron and coal lands. Miners are again beginning to work the old and deserted lead mines of Dubuque. Marbleizing slate is now extensively carried on in the Vermont quarries. A firm at Bridgeport, Conn., are turning out forty velocipedes weekly. France lias a corps of 266,166 fireman, who manage 12,720 fire engines. Gold, it is reported, lias been found in Bureau county, Illinois.