The quarry property at Cromwell, Conn., is now valued at $100,000, Three years ago it could he hought for $30 000, Ground has heen hrolcen at Portland, Maine, for the construction of the Portland and Ogdenshurgh Railroad. The Supreme Court of Nevada has decided that the telegraph is a hranch of commerce, and, as such, is under the control of Congress. The navigation regulations of the Suez Canal state that the canal will he open for vessels of all nationalities with a draft of less than 24-6 feet. The quantity of amber lately found at the Kurische Haft'in Eastern Prussia, is said to he so great that the market price of the article has fallen. The new iron bridge over the Caps Fear river, to connect all the railroad lines centering in Wilmington, North Carolina, was opened on the 28th of August. The Imperial Insurance Company of London has paid $100,000 losses f r the whiskey destroyed at the late Philadelphia First street fire, and will soon pay $200,000 additional. Illinois is to have a new Capitol at Springfield. The plans, specifications, and estimates of the Commissioners have heen ofiicially approved. The cost, exclusive of foundation, is limited to $3,000,000. The colossal bust of Humboldt, which was modeled by Professor Bliiser, hasbeen successfully castin bronze by Howald,in Brunswick, Germany It is intendedforNev/York and will cost about 17,000 thalers. The English papers complain of the continued emigration of Cornish miners, which is not caused by want of work, but by the low rate of wages paid them. The men who have left are of the best class of miners. The exhibition of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society is to be held in Harrisburgli, opening on Tuesday, the 28th of September, and con tinning until the 1st of October. The premium list amounts to $10,000. The oil excitement at Parker's Landing and about the mouth of the Clarion river still continues to increase. Twenty-three derricks are upon the Clarion county side,and many more on the Armstrong side of the Alle -gheny. It is said ihat the town of Warren, Jo Daviess county, Illinois, ofi'ers a bonus of from $2,000 to $3,000 to any responsible person who will go to that town and erect and run a custom steam grist-mill, which is needed in that place. The dome of the Invaliiles at Paris, is at last completed, and presents a magnificent appearance, sparkling with gold. It was gilded for the first time by Louis XIV., for the second time by the first Napoleon in 1896, and now for the third time by Louis Napoleon. A California paper says that 50,000 tuns of wheat were lying in sacks along the banks of the Sacramento river, in Tehama, Butte, Sutter, Colusa, and Yolo counties, on the Ist of August, and that 60,000 mo'-e were to follow, making 110,000 tuns as the yield of five counties. A crib 300 feet long, being one section of the whole length of 900 feet, to be used in the construction of a wharf at North New York, lor the Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad, has been towed to its position. The balance of the crib is progressing rapidly, and a steam dredger is constantly at work deepening. The present prodftction of the White Pine mines is about $86,000 a week, and'f or the whole district about $100,000 a week. In a month or two the production wftl be increased to the rate of six millions a year, and the yield for 18T0,it is confidently believed, will reach ten million dollars. A Chicago paper says that there are over 20,000.000 gallons of water consumed aaily in that city. It discusses the estimated future consumption and the limited facilities for supplying the demand, and contends that the lake tunnel will be inadequate to supply the city five years hence. Aheavy snow storm prevailed at the summit of Mount Washington, on Aug. 31. The telegraph wires were broken in several places by the ice, which I accumulated to the thickness of two inches, or more. The thermometer stood at 28 deg. The Times says it snowedlu this city on the 1st of September. The Ames Works, in Chicopee, MassachuscttB, arc engaged on the bronze fountain for the Central Park, New York. An immense bronze basin is to be cast, which will rest on sixteen columns. Tlic whole is to be octagonai in shape, and a number of curious jets and streams will be worked into the design at various points. From the annual report of the Street Superintendent of San Francisco it appears that city has 102 miles of paved streets and 255,829 feet of sewerage The cost of street work from July 1,1868, to July 1, 1869, has been in round numbers $1,520,000; and the average cost has been nearly a million a year for ten years past. The State Line Lode, Nye county, Nevada, according to the report of the United States deputy surveyor, is a gold-bearing vein, composed mainly of ferruginous and friable quartz. In many places the entire vein is so friable and crumbly as to be easily removed with the pick alone. A working test of 600 pounds gave a yield of $176 per tun. The improvements on the mine have cost abdat $2,000 coin. The following is said to be an excellent imitation of the jet black China varnish for boots and shoes. Dissolve 10 grms. of shellac and5grms. of turpentine in 40 grms. of strong methylated spirits, having previously dissolved 1 grm. of extract of logwood, with some neutral chromatc of potass a and sulphate of indigo, in the spirits. The varnish should be kept in well stoppered bottles. New Ilaven, Conn., is becoming anxious about its water supply. The water is now pumped into the reservoir by water power, wasting ten millions of gallons each day in pumping two and a half millions. The company propose to put in steam pumps, which will enable them to supply a city of two or three hundred thousand inhabitants. A Belgian has lately had a steamer of diminutive proportions constructed jn England. Tbis craft is twenty-four feet long and six feet wide. Her boiler is about the size of a teakettle, ad the epf ine might be put in the 188 pocket o f a great coat. She i s said t o b e a fine soa boat, and has made two or three trips, running from Cowes to Ostend, with great speed. The owner ntends to uise this little steamer for coasting on the Belgian coast. The largest span of any truss bridge in the United States is that of the great bridge across the Ohio river at Louisville, which is destined to connect the Kentucky and Indiana shores. The bridge itself will be, when flnished (and the engineer in charge expects to turn over his contract for the building some time in November), one of the most splendid structures of the kind in this or any other country. This last span covers three hundred and seventy feet, and is a marvel of engineering skill. The Philadelphia JPress says that the miners' strike is spreading throughout the entire coal regions. At Hazleton, Luzerne county, it has assumed a serious aspect. The strikers are laborers employed by the miners to assist them in loading and removing the coal after it has been blasted. On the 23d Aug. they stopped the p amps in all the mines except those of Pardee and Co., and it is understood that work in this mine is also suspended. The sheriff was called upon, and he proceeded to the mines with a posse comitatus with the determination of protecting the engineers. It is a well-known fact that, when,it is desirable to covermetals, especially brass or copper, with a strongly-adhering coating of tin, this is usually effected by boiling the articles to be thus coated with an aqueous fluid, to which is added cream of tartar, crystallized protochloride of tin, and some lumps of pure metallic tin. Dr. Hillier states that, instead of this mixture he uses, with very good success, a solution of 1 part of protochloride of tin in 10 parts of water, to which he next adds a solution of 2 parts of caustic soda in 20 parts of water; the mixture becomes turbid, but this does not affect the tinning operation, wnich is effected by heating the c*jects to be tinned in this fluid, care being taken, at the same time, to place in the liquid a piece of perforated block-tin plate, and to stir up the fluid during the tinning, with a rod of zinc.