The first annualfair of the Lake Shore Grape Growers Association will be held atErie on Friday andSaturday, October 15and 16. The Titusville Herald says that the petroleum production for August was considerably increased by the opening of the new wells. The Central Park Commissioners have defi ned the lines and filed the maps for the widening of Broadwayfrom T hlrty-s econd street to Fifty -ninth street. The mean rate of discharge of the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico i upwards of thirty-eight million six hundred thousand pounds of water pei second. A new granite quarry has been opened in Jamesport, Washington county Maine. The stone has a beautiful pink color, which, if durable, will ren. der the stone very valuable for building purposes. Twenty-two States were represented at the meeting of the American Pomological Society, at Philadelphia. The exhibition of fruit was verj attractive and comprised a great number of specimens. About 100 feet of embankment of thp Erie Canal at Pools Brook, nea: Kirkville, were carried out on the 21st of September, and the flood coverec the Central Railroad track, temporarily suspending travel. One track i now in use. It will require several days to repair the break. A huge chimney has been completed at the Earl of Dudleys estate a1 near Dudley, England. Special arrangements the consumption of fuel necessitated the carrying of the stack to a hight of 19 feet. It is strengthened by iron-work for a distance of 100 feet above tin ground. The Croton Waterworks in process of erection at High Bridge are now well advanced, and by next spri lg the inhabitants of Washington Hight! are promised all the water they want. The reservoir is nearly completed requiring only some grading of its banks, coping, and further work on th western g Herr Krupp must look to his laurels. A larger block of steel than hai everissued from his works is now in progress of casting at Osnabruck. I weighs 200 tuns, whereas the block with winch Krupp astonishe d th world it the Great Exhibition of 1862 weighed only twenty, but he hsi surpassed this feat in later years. Dr. Koller recommends concentrated glycerin as a substitute for spirit* of wine for the preservation of zoological and anatomical preparations, or no but ensue