Take nitrate of silver, eleven grains; rain or distilled water, eighty-five grains (say drops); gum arabic, twenty grains; carbonate of soda, twenty-two grains ; liquor of ammonia, thirty grains. In mixing the ingredients, dissolve the gum in the water first, and then the soda—now dissolve the nitrate of silver in the liquor of ammonia. When the solutions are complete, mix the two fluids in a glass vessel, and boil them for a minute or so; when cold it is ready for use. A common oil flask is a capital vessel for the above purpose, provided the oil has been well cleaned out of it by means of strong soap and Hot water. Though of glass, they may be placed on a clear fire, and water boiled in them without any fear of breaking. In marking linen with permanent inks, care should be taken that the fabric is perfectly dry, as this prevents the ink from running; and it is essential at all times to use only quill pens. SEPTIMUS PIESSE.