The “Liberty (Md.) News” states that quite a quantity of silver ore is found mixed with the recent raising of copper at the Dol-lyhide Copper Mine, in Frederick Co. In value it bears the proportion of about fifty dollars to the ton; equal to an addition of nearly twenty per cent. It is thought the vein will continue to yield it for a long while. Isaac Tyson, Esq., President of the Company, has leased the copper mines near to New London, upon the lands of Wm. Hobbs, Esq, to a New York Company, by whom they are now being worked. A severe storm occurred in Rockland Co., in the nighborhood of Haverstraw, on the 9th inst. Trees and houses were blown down, and by the fall of one house, five persons were killed. More destruction of life and property has taken place around New York, by sudden j severe storms this season than any within our recollection.