Measures for securing a patent for improvements in the above-named machine have ben taken by Anson E. Brooks, of New Yolk City. The nature of tie improvement consists in the employment of a series of adjustable beak ers, arranged to act as a screw, and that can be set at different angles to allow the meat to be fed in fast or slow to the cutters, according To effect this purpose they are fixed on a longitudinal shaft, which operates in combination with another shaft set horizontally, and which holds the cutters in such a manner that, in addition to forcing the meat towards the lat-' ter, they also cause them to have a drawing cut. Another advantage is, that the meat is also forced more effectually towards the opening at the discharge end of Hie machine. This last office is performed by a scraper fastened at the screw end of the shaft on which the beaters are placed, and by which the meat is gathered up and discharged through the above-mentioned opening.