Manufacturers and Inventors. A Dew Yolnme of the ? SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN commences alwnt the middle of September in each rear. It ie ajonrnalof Scientific, Mechanical, and other improvements ; the- advocate of Industry in all its -rations toanches. It is' polished weeiJy ,in a form snitaMe tot binding, and constitntes, at the end ofeachyear, a splendid jolnme of oret 400 sages, with a copiousindei, andfromfrte to sis hnndted original engravings, together with a great amonnt of practical information concerning ihe progress of in-vontionand discovery throughout the world. The Scientific Americanis the most widely eitenla-ted and popnlat jenrnal of the kind now published. Its Editors, Contributors, and Correspondents s,re among the aWeat practical scientific men in the world. The Patent Claims ate pnblishwl weekly and are invalnaWe to Inwntois and Patentees. PRIZES—We solicit attention 1o .the splendid Priaes offered tot the largest numlier of snliseriJiers, consisting of a SILVER PITCHER worth $60; a aet of the ICONOGRAPHIC ENCYCLOPEDIA worth $35 ; DBMPEBre'B MACHINERY OP THH NINH-IBBNTH CENTURY, and C. B.Btnait's great work npon the NAVAL DRY DOCKS OS THS UNITS!) STATES. letters uhonldbe directed (post-paid) to MTJSN CO., 128 Fulton atpeet, Neif Tort. Terms \ Terms I Terms ! One copy, foi One Year $2 " Sii Montha I1 ? rltB-oopies, f orSii Mona $4 Ten'eopiea for Six MouthB foe * ?;? Ten Oopiea for Twelve Months, I*6 Hfleen Copies for Twelve Months, 123 -Twenty Copies for Twelve Mouths, $2S Boothern and Western Money taken at par (or inscriptions, or Port Office 8tamjn taSea at thair full values.