A new Voume of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN commences about the midde of Sep tember in ..achyear. It is a j ourna o f Sc i e n tific, M echanica, andother i mprov ements; the advoca.te o f indu str y in aits various branchf.'B. It is pubished weeky in aform suitabe for binding, and consti tute , at the endof each year, a spendid voume of over 400 pages,with a copious index, and from five to six hund redorigina e ngravin gs) toge ther with a great am ount ofpractica inform ati on co ncerning the progress of inTentiona.nd discovery throughout the word.The Scientific American is th e most wid e y circua ..ted and popuar journa of the k i n d no,.. pu bish e d .Its Editor., Oontributors, and Corresponde nt. areamong the abest pract i ca scientific men in theword.The Patent Caims are pub ished weeky and areinvauabe to Inventors a.nd Patentees.We particuary warn the pubie again st p ay in gmoney to T rave ing Agents, as we a.re not in thehab it of furnis h i n g certificates o f agency to anyone.etters .houd b. directed (post paid) toMUNN 00.,128 Ji'uto n street, New YOEk.Terms ! Terms ! Terms !One copy, for One Year $2" Six Mon th. $1Ji'ive copies, for Six Month. $4Ten Copies for Six Months fOI $8r en Copies for Tweve Months, $1.'ifteen Oopies fo r Tweve Montha, $22'rw.nty Copie. for Tweve Months, $28Southern and Western Money taken at p.r (orubs.ription., or Post ome. Stamp. taken .. t.. t irfu vaue.