INVENTORS, MANUFACTURERS, AND FARMERS. THIRTEENTH YEAR: PROSPECTUS OF THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. This work differs materiallyfrom other publications, being an Illustrated Periodical, devoted to the promulgation of information relating to the various MECUANI-a\L and CHEMICAL AETS, MANFAOTUKES, AGEICLTUEE, PATEKTS, INVENTIONS, ENGINEEKIN, MILL WOEK, and all interests which the light of PEACTICAL SCII-JSCB ia calculated to advance. Every number of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN contains eight pages of reading matter, abundantly illustrated withfrom five to eight ENGEAVING—all of which are expressly engraved for this publication. All the most valuable patented di.'coveries are delineated and described in its issues, so that, as respects inventions, it may be justly regarded as an Ilhistrated Repertory where the inventor may learn what has been done before him in the same field which he is exploring and where he may bring to the world a knowledge of his own achievements. Reports of American Patents granted are also published every week, including Official Copies of all the PATENT CLAIMS. These Patent Claims are furnished from the Patent Office Records expressly for this paper, andpubUshed in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in advance qfall other publications. Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers, Chemists, Manufacturers, Agriculturists, and people in every profession of life, will find the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN to be of great value in their respective callings. Its counsels and suggestions will save them hundreds of dollars annually, besides affording them a continual source of knowledge, the value of which ia beyond pecuniary estimate. Much might be added to this Prospectus, to prove that the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is a publication whicheverylnventor,Mechanic, Artisan, and Engineer in the United States should patronize ; but the publication is so thoroughly known throughout the country that we refrain from occupying further space. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION-TWO Dollars a Year, or One Dollar for Six Months. Southern, Western and Canadian money or Post Office stampa, taken at par for subscriptions. Canadian subscribers will please to remit twenty-six cents extra on eachyear'asubscpiption, to prepay postage. CLUB KATES Five Copies, for Six Months.................$4 Ten Copies, for Six Months.................JSS Ten Copies, for Twelve Months...........SI5 Fifteen Copies, for Twelve Months........ Twenty Copies, for Twelve Months.......SS For all clubs of Twenty and over, the yearly BUL*' scription is only $1 40. Specimen copies will be sen gratid to any part of the country. MUNN & CO., Publishers and Patent Agents, Ko. 128 i'ulton street, New York.