An improved description of Pick, in which the blade is removable from the handle, has been invented by Anson L. Mclntyre, of Nor-walk, Ohio, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The blade is grasped by a taper clamp, which is made to \press tightly on it by a socket likewise taper, which latter fits in a loop at the end of the handle. Both ends of the clamp are taper, and it has a longitudinal groove to receive the blade, and is tightened as before described, the thickest part being at the points. The blade is of equal thickness throughout, and the advantage proposed by this improvement is the facility of sharpening the kpick when blunted, grinding only being required, whereas, when the ordinary picks become much worn, they require to be repaired, and lengthened or drawn out. As the blade wears by use it is not placed so far in the clamp, but is tightened by means of wedges placed in the slot at the back of the blade.