A meeting of the stockholders of some mining tracks was recently held in London, at which it was stated that coal had been discovered by some miners sent out from London. They had also found a mine of quicksilver, which the company intended to work, as it was considered more profitable than operating on gold quartz. Two large steam engines of 100 horse power each, have ben sent from England, but as yet no returns have been forthcoming. A meteor recently fell on the tower of Lincoln Cathedral, England, and set fire to one of the pinnacles during a violent snow storm. A ball of fire descended upon the centre tower of the cathedral, and burst with a loud explosion, emitting beautiful rose-colored flames and accompanied by a flash like lightning. No other signs of electricity in the air either preceded or succeeded the appearance of the meteor. Since November 21st, 1852, there have been thirty two shocks of earthquakes within the limits of California. Literary Notices BOOK OF THE WORLD, NO. 8, Weik *. Wieck, 195 Chestnut at., Philadelphia.. This periodical publication is as interesting as ever; the current number contains a choice collection of reading matter for all. It is illustrated with the usual number of plates, acd when completed, it will be a valuable work for information on natural history. In this last named department it excels in the beauty of its plates the generality of the works that are devoted to this interesting subject. THB ANTI LANOET —This is a new medical month Iy, devoted to the chrono thermal system, and is an advocate for female medical education It is published by G. H. Whitney, Providence, B I Of course it ia opposed to the lancet—blood letting for disease. We hope it will not be a lancet in literature, but be temperate in language. We regiet to see so many hard words used in a number of journals devoted to the medical profession : we certainly thick the Allopathists are getting a tremendous scalping and lancing onevery hand, and the Homos opathists, if agreed upon small doses for common patients, agree heartily in prescribing huge doses for Allopathists. Strictly speaking the Chrono-Thermal practice is Allopathy in principle. PSPCMK3SY—ITS MANUFACTURE AND USE—By C. Morfitt. P.O., published by H. C. Baird This work on Perfumery presents all the receipts and, modes of making hair oils, pomatums, hair washes, face powders, cosmetics for the skin and lips, perfumes of every description, and we know notall what beside. It is an exceedingly useful book to those who manufacture perfumery on a large scale, and for those who would desire to make their own for personal use. Scented soaps, pastiles, &c..are described, and so minutely are the different proceasea given, that any one of ordinary understanding can repeat them. It is an excellent book, and one particularly essential, to a good family library. It ill for sale by Stringer & Townaend, this city.