A lecture on Axial Forces was lately given at Sandusky, Ohio, by Dr. Bronson. The lecture was intended to popularize the modern atomic theory of matter, and account for all the phenomenaof the material universe by changes in the polarity of the particles, and their consequent position relative to each other. The Manchester (England) Examiner mentions having seen a specimen of cotton grown in Trinidad, by a planter who emigrated from the United States. A joint stock company is advertised in London under the name of The American and British Timber and Cotton Land Compan), with a quarter of a million sterling, to trade on a tract of land situated near Darien, Geo., Shares a hundred dollars. The City of Dublin Steam Packet Company have notified to Mr. Foy, United States Consul, that they will forward, free of charge, from Dublin to Liverpool, all goods and park-ages from Dublin and the surrounding district, for the New York Exhibition. At Calcutta three thousand chests of indigo had been sold from 44 to 55 lupees higher than la.it year. A ten hour movement for a limitation of lactory labor to ten hours daily, is progressing in the manulactniing districts ol England. An effort is at out to be made to create a continental depot of cotton irrespectively of Liverpool. Vast beds of lead ore have been discovered in Sinking Valley, Blair Co.. Pa. There have been thirteen wreclio upon the reefs in the vicinity of Key West since the 1st of January. The cost of putting the Michigan canal in order for 1853 is estimated at $6 500. The Land Department has paid into the State Treasury, during the past year, $78,5543 A mint is to be established in Australia. A workman was scalded to death by melted metal spilling over him, last week, at Mr. Riders ioundry, in this city. Bills to amend the charter ot the Worlds Fair Association, and to form a police force for the Building have been passed by the N. Y. Senate. The varnishers and polishers of New York have had a mass meeting preparatory to a demand for an increase of wages. An extension of Goodyears india rubber patent has been retused by the Comxissioner at Washington. The air line railroad bill has been defeated in the N. J. Legislature. The first exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics Institute at Washington was opened on the 24th inst. It has been decided at Baltimore that railroad companies are not liable for personal injuries where the same occur to passengers white atanding on. tha platform of tlw cars, against the warnings of the conductor.