We have a number of models in our office which lack the name and residence of the inventors. We cannot therefore communicate with them. By simply attaching a card bearing the name and residence of the inventor, delay and annoyance is thereby saved. A lump of wet saleratus, applied to the sting of a wasp or bee, it is said, will stop the pain in one moment, and prevent it from welling. Pin this fact up somewhere for this season's use, for those who are not fond of the sensation of a sting. List of Patent Claims FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 21, 1S53. CUT OFF FOR STEAM ENGINES—By Horatio Alien & D (?. Wnlla, of New York City : We claim the mode of operating the loose toes by means of sectors combined with the rock shaft, and operated as described. PiANOFonTas—117 Benj E. Coliey, of Cambridge, Maes : I claim throwing the fly of the jack from the arm which operates the hammer each time the note is struck so as to permit its blockiog in the said arm bv the bent lever and set screw operating indepan-deat of the hammer and hammer arm, in tht* manner sot forth, PRINTING PRESSES—By Wm. 11 Danforth, of Salem, MASS. : I claim, first, the employment in one priutmg press of two parallel type forms, one aboro ihe other, and two platens so arranged in a frameae that a sheet of paper can be printed by each form at one impression, as described. Secont, I claim the mode of feeding the paper between the griping bars and bands, which hold it in place to receive the impression, and pass the sheet forward while the inkiog roller occupies the intermediate space to ink the type Third, I claim making the feed boards unequal in thickness, as described, for the purpose of furnishing an opening between the two sets, at the time that the sheets are to be entered from to tympan. Fourth, I olairn the employment of a series of griping or discharging cross bars, in combination with, aad so arranged upon two endless bauds as to bo made to act upon the leading edg'-s of the sheets as they pass along, aQd hold them against the feed bandsuntilthey have passed across over the top of the pile upon tlie platform, as shown, for the purpose of piling the printed sheets. 5th, I claim the device forgiving and checking the motion of the feed bands, alternately as required, consisting of the vibrating lever, bar, reciprocating rack, connecting wheel, two feeding wheels, fast wheol, or disc, spring pawl, adjustable cam, pin, studs, arm, rockiog shaft, cams, pawls, brake, spring, and cylinder, arranged and operated as shown. JAOQUARD LOOMS—By J. A. Elder, of Westbroolt, Me.: L claim, first, the arrangement of two trap-boards, placed the one above the other and between the suspension board and needles. Second; I claim two trap-boards, arranged the one above tho other with their slots in opposite directions to the knot cord holes, when combined with the knot cords, having a knot for each board and a single aeL of needlos for the purpose of vibrating tbe knot cords from the sluts in one buard to the slots in the other, as set forth. BOG CUTTING CULTIVATORS—By J3. L. Freeman, of Ann Harbor, Mich. : I claim the precise construction of the tooth and placed in the position as set forth, that is to say, the vertical part and the horizontal, each having a backward slant. METAL PLANING MACHINE—By F. W. Howe, of Windsor, Vt.: I claim combining with the endless chain and the primary tool carriage, the two slido boxes, or their mechanical equivalents, the binders, rock lever, aad its operativa mechanism, viz., the rod, eccentric, shaft, and lever, or the mechanical equivalents ot such, rocker lever and operative me c aniam , the whale being made to operate as described, aad far the purpose of enabling a person to readily produce a movement of the tool carriage, either" to the right or left, while the endless chain has a continuous motion in one direotion, as set forth. CULTIVATOR PLOWS—By Wm. S. Hyde, of Town-send. Ohio : I cluim the cultivator, as described, with adjustable supplementary wings, so constructed as to cultivate the soil super ciaily near the roots of the plants, and deeper at a distance therefrom, the wings being adjustable to any required angle with tlie oottom of the furrow, so a3 to give any desired degree of inclination to the sidt*3 of the ridges or hills, and to chaoge their inclination from time to time, to adapt thein to the varying stages of the growth of the plant, as described. PLUG CUTTING MACHINES—liy Simou lngei'Moll. of New York City : I cluim the combinatiua, JIS described, of the slide bar, I, having studs or projections, and the slide bar, J, haviDg studs or projections, being ali ao arranged in relation to each, other, that the devices which move both slide bars longitudinally, sli:*U first give motion to the slide bar, for the purpose of forcing the dogs into the board or disc thon -from, previous to their retrograde motion for com-meuci g anew feed. {See notice of this invention on ??? -U, ??1. 8, iSci. Anier.) CUTTERS TO HARVESTERS—By J. H. Manny, of Waddam' Grove, 111. Patented iu England, Dec ? 1852 ' I claim a cutter, or sickle composed of a so-ries of lozenge shaded blades attached to a bar, as set orth, whereby the pressure of the grass on the f out corners of the blade is so counteracted that the latter are not bent down J'roui the edges of the guard fingers aain.st which they cat HILL SIDE PLOWS—By David ?. B. Newcomb, of Couewango, N. Y-: I claim arranging the two shares of a double plow, which alternately run forward on a central wheel, in such manner that the share. WQicli for the time being is in the rear shall be car ried above the bottom of the furrow, as described. I also claim the method of relievingthe swivel and of steadying aad supporting the beam when set, and in turuiDg by means of a semi-circular guide Or means of a semi-circular guide or track arracgedand opejating as set forth in combination with a catt:h at eaeh end of tbe track to hold the beam in place when properly adjusted. ELEOTRO MAGNETIC ALARMS—By A. E. Pope, of Sommerville, Mass.; I claim the combination of the movable or vibrating armature and the spring circuit breaker, with the hammer of the bell, the same to be ussd in connection with the electro magnet circuit wiles and a key, as described, applied to a door or windows, the ffhola being made to operate together, as specified. SE ED PLANTERS—By George Rohr, of Charles-town, Va.: I claim the invention, use, and applica- tion of a ridged or fluted or corrugated vibrating apron device combined with the oscillating screen or grain scatterer, arranged with a crank handle axis actuated by the pins or cogs on the scollop-like hub flange of the propelling wheel, together with the re-acting spring rest, as shown. The whole arranged and used together with a seed fountain, with apertures so constructed as to admit of connecting thereto short detachable or movable mouth pieces, or outlet spouts, for the more perfect and free escape of the eeed from the grain chamber or fountain, on to the apron and scatterer, specifically as set forth. LATH MACHINES—By J. R. Shank, of Buffalo, Va : I claim imparting a vibiatory motion to the gauge bar, in the manner described, eo that itwill not only perform the function of a gauge bar to regulate the thickness of the lath, but also that of a slipper, in order to insure the separation of the lath from the block, for tha purpose described. EXSPANDING MANDRELS F?R TURNING MACHINERY—By Walter Sherrod, of Providence, U. I ; I claim a divided spring shell constructed in the manner described, when it is combined with a tapering mandrel so that by its own elasticity it shall retain its position on said mandrel, the whole arranged constructed and combined iu the manner set forth. Not meaning to claim the combination of a tapering mandrel with a shell divided into more thanono piece and tapering on ita ioterior surface being held on said mandrel by a spring clasp. HORSE COLLARS—W. Mclv. Thornton, of Blooma-burgh, Pa. : I claim a horse collar formed with pad Daps, by the extension of the fuce leather of the pads as described. 1 also claim the manner of ftiiieniug and uniting tbe pads by means of a metallic bow, the ends of which are rigid to stiffen the phou'tler pads and sup port tbe tugs, while its arch is itet thin and flexible in one direction to allow the pads to change their relative distaoee apart, aod comparatively riid in the other direction to prevent the puds from turning with respect to a plane parallel to taw front of the collar. IMPROVEMENT IN SAWS—By J. If, Tattle, of Seneca, ? ? : 1 claim the combination, arrangement and location upon the same blade of the seta of fleam teeth for scoring the sides of the kerf, aud the set of planing teeth for removing the wood between the scores when said planing teeth are ? la ceil back to back, curve in opposite directions, and are between the sets of lleam cutters, and at sufficient distances apart, eo that each planing tooth Ehall serve alternately as a gauge to its fellow, while allowing it to cut to a proper depth and be a permanent guide to the iieam cutters, to prevent any of the teeth from taking too rank a hold upon the wood, which makes it run with great ease and efficiency, and is applicable to slitting or cross-cutting, as described. [This is a veryvaluable invention.—J & n. Sci. AM.) HILL SIDE ?L????—By J. B. Wilder, of Belfast, Me.: I do not claim a revolving share and mould-board attached permanently to each other But I claim having the mould beard, so constructed, arranged and attached to the share, and land side plate, that said mould board, may be turned, as set forth, independently of the share, and a proper curved outer face be presented to the sod, on either side of the plow, the mould-board beingconatructed with two faces precisely of the form shown. LSee notice page 124, Vol. S, Sci. Am.] METALLIC POINTED PENS—By ? R. Norton, of Syracuse, ?. ?. ? claim a metallic pointed pen attached to a wire of the length required to form a handle or holder, when such pen and holder are covered from the top of the holder to near the nib of the pen by a coating of gutta percha, or india rubber of suitable thickness, made in the manner set forth. PROPELLERS FOR CANAL NAVIGATION—By Win. I Tyson, of Orwigsburgh, Pa. Ante-dated Dec 21, ZS52: I claim the blades constructed with lipa or rims which are sections of a cylinder concentric with the axis on which the propeller rotates, as specified. SIDE LIGHT FOR SHIPS—By l nocli Hidden, of New York City : I do not claim ship light turning' on pivots, or center pins io frames. Nor do I claim ship lights in frames turning on hinges, but I claim the arrangement of screws tapped into tlie main frame, in combination with inclined planes or spirals, forming part of said screws that holds the light frame, or cell containing the glass, fast to the india rubber in its grooved seat, in vhe main frame with its step pin, for stoppingthe screw in its proper position, when the light ie to be opened for ventilation. 1 alao claim the projecting ear, with slots or chase mortises, in which tho pi vote of the light frame or cell turns, allowing the light to be hauled irom its seat, and consequently out of contact with the india rubber RO as to allow the plane of the light to be placed ut any aogle to the main frame, thus freely admitting of ventilation. I also claim the arrangement of a leader other ductile metallic rir.u,, .soldered on, otherwise joined to the main brass frame of the light, no th & t it can ie turned round the outer edge of the opening in the vossel, securing any suitable material completely, making the main frame of the light water tight to the vessel, as set forth. ENVELOPE FOLDING MACHINES—By ??, L Hawes, ?? Worcester, Mass : ? claim, first, the combination of the self-adjusting feed table, with thn paste fountains so arranged a that they will descend and press ;i freshly parted surface of their rollers upon the top sheet, and raise it to permit the table to pa.ss beneath and take away a uheet at every second revolution of thi* main shaft Second, I claim tbe cirtnbiuatioD oi tbe jjlatform with the hooks, and the retaining fingers, and the D ers for discharging, for the purpose of properly conveying aud discharging the sheet or envelope. Third, ? claim the combination of the platform with the follower or first prefer, and itn weight or retainer, as described Fourth, I claim the finishing folder consisting of knives, with their adjustable springs and guides, in combination with the fioishing plunger, to press the eavelope and cause the three flaps to adhere together or one to the other. Fifth, I claim the arrangement for raising the table, in combination with the flagers for discharging finished envelopes. RK-IS8 E. MOULDINGS—By A. T. Sorrel 1, of New York City. Patented May 16, 1848: I claim, first, the combination of the ring or rioga with a cutter or cutters for operatiDg on an angular strip for making a moulding; whether tne said cutter or cutters be rotating or stationary, or both, and whether the said cutter or cutters operate on the face or on the edge of the strip, or oQ both the face and the edge as described. Second, the combination of the adjustable bed with the ring or rings and a cutter or cutters, as aforesaid, for operating on an angular strip for making a moulding ; whether the said cutter or cutters operate on the lace or on the edge of the strip or on both the face andtheedge, as described. DESIGNS COOK STOVE—By J. T. Davy, of Troy, ?: ?. COOK STOVE—By John Sabey, Jr., of Rochester, N. Y. {assignor to J. K. Griffin, of Waterdown, Canada West. COOK STOVE—By Everard Bolton, of Northern Liberties, Pa. ) assignor to Abm. & Jos. Cox, of Philadelphia, Pa.