In our description of this invention on page 236 of the present volume, we omitted to state that it was especially applicable for sod corn planting, and that it could be fixed to the fore axle of a cart as well as to any special wheels The inventor, P C Hosier, resides at Homer, Illinois, and not at Homer, Michigan, as we previously stated THE long pilasters for the U S Treasury building, weigh from forty to fortyfive tuns It requires to draw them ten heavy yoke of oxen and four stout horses It is stated that the cost of each pilaster, when in place on the building, is $2,500 Literary Notices VENTILATION IN AMERICAN DWELLINGSBy Dr D B Reid Wiley Halstead, New YorkThe author of this work, who is, without exception, the greatest authority on ventilation, has here given us the results of his observations while in this country, and many practical suggestions by which we all may profit By an extraordinary contradiction,the inhabitants of this co untry enjoying as we do one of the moat healthy climates, in the world, our chief cities placed within reach of the Atlantic breezes, or else on the banks of some gigantic river, with every advantage of climate and geographical positionyet want the animal force, the rude health, and robust constitutions of our Saxon and Celtic ancestors " Why is this?" is a question often asked, and the truthful answer, "bad ventilation," is as often given, yet no one attempts to remedy the matter and hegins to ventilate his own house In summer we expose ourselves tocontinualdrafts, and in winter crowd together in stifling hot rooms, and so take every possible opportunity of committing modified suicide One great reason or cause for this neglect is because ventilation as applied to houses and small rooms is not understood, and the opening of a window or a door is considered a sufficient ventilator Dr Reid teaches us, however, that ventilation consists not in drafts, but in the regularsupply of the necessary quantity of fresaair intoa room, and in suitable means for the egress of the i'ouL The book now published contains the application of this principle to dwelling houses of all kinds, shapes, andeizea, from the marble palace to the log cabin Ill ere is an excellent and valuable chapter on the ventilation and disinfection of the sick chamber, and each subject is illustrated withfull and lucid diagrams, so that any person with common sense may ventilate his own house, and the slight amount of trouble it will involve will be amply repaid by increased health and spirits We can only say, in conclusion, that the subject is one of personal interest and national importance, and Dr Reid has done a great service to the American people by the publication of this work We hope it will be read by all, and that its advice will be generally taken The system may not be the best, direct experiment can only test this, but it is a system for the ventilation of American dwellings, and as such we are thankful for it At some future period we may make some extracts from this work for the benefit of our readers THE MAGIOIAN'S OWN BOOKDick Fitzgerald, New YorkThis is a well arranged and admirably gottenup book, explaining the majority of tricks performed by socalled magicians, and illustrated with a great number of engravings Much, useful information is also introduced, and the philosophy of the tricka is fully explained It is a book that should be possessed by every boy, as it will teach him much, and keep him out of mischief for many an idle hour, besides helping to endow him with the faculty of promoting the enjoyment of others THE ECLECTIC MAGAZINE for April W H Bid well, editor and proprietor, New YorkThis magazine contains handsome portraits of the Prince and Princess of Prussia, a very able article on the sreat French orator Bossuet and many others of universal interest and great ahility