An improved baking apparatus, denomina ted " Barsto w's Air-tight Furnace Bake O ven," has been invented by Benjamin Barstow, of New York City, who has taken measures to Becure a patent. It consists in arranging with in an air-tight outer casing, one or more ovens over the furnace chamber, in such a manner that when the fire is in full blast the rising flame or hot air will be allowed to have a tree course and circulate underneath the bottom, over the top, and along the sides and ends of the ovens. This is effected by means of pas sages in the top plate of the furnace through which the hot air and flame passes, and cir culates freely, as described, to the ovens, the bottom plates of which are similarly provided with passages for the admission of the hot air and flame. Dampers are likewise affixed to the passages of both the ovens and the fur nace, so that the quantity of heat can be re gulated at will, and they can be so operated as to let on the flame to the ovens in a zig zag manner instead of in a direct line. This ar rangement is useful in case the heat is too great on one side and not sufficient on the other. The ovens, which are placed in a row one above the other,may be indefinite as to number, and are separated from each other, and the outer wall by partitions and metal rods, these latter, which extend completely across the under sides of the ovens serve to support them, and have their bearing in the wall. Any number of ovens, one or more) can be heated, according as may be required, and there is an independent arrangement con sisting of pipes, by employing which the ovens can be used for baking meat as well as bread, the apparatus being more particularly intended for the latter purpose.