A new Annunciator has been invented by Wm. Horsfall, of New York City, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The improvement relates to the construction and arrangement of the index plates. They are so constructed that each of them can be operated and its number exposed to view, and also the alarm sounded, by simply employing a vertical rod having a horizontal lifter or tripping arts, which extends underneath each of the swinging index plates, the said rod and arm being arranged in such relation to the rosking or swinging frame, which carries the alarm bell, that as either of tue rods are raised for the purpose of tupping one of the index plat s and exposing its number to view, the said Jrame and bell sll also be raised, and the pendulous hammer allowed to descend some distance and consequenlly when the rod descends, which it does instantly after the index plate has been tripped, the swinging frame and its alarm bell will descend also and oause the short ringer of the pendulous hammer to be operated upon by a lever connected to the arm which sustains the bell and the long arm or weighted end ot the pendulous hammer to raise, strike the bell, and sound the alarm. Another feature in this invention relates to the method of throwing the index plates, either separately or a number together, back to their proper places, after the number bae been seen and attended to. These -rrange-ments for constructing and operating Annunciators are quite simple and convenient. In case any part should become disarranged, it is more easily repaired in this stiucture than in the common arrangement.