HISTORY OF THE RAILROADS AND CANALS IN THE UNITED STATES-exhibiting their Progress, Cost, Revenues, Expenditures and Present Condition ; by Henry V. Poor, Esq-, Editor of the " American Railroad Journal," No. fI Spruce-strcet. This is the first work ever published, assuming to be 11 complete authentic history of the railroads and canals of the United States. It gives the organization and present financial condition of^each company; the date of its clmrter, the commencement and completion of the work of construction, and facts of importance affeetiiil; the ^curities issued, the line of road, the equipment,, the different dasses of share capital, the fnnded debts, the dates nt ,vliich the latter were issued and are payable, the nature of the seourily pledged for them, the rates of interest p.aid, and the dates and places at which both principal and intei'est are payable : the amount of capital invested yearly, the length of lino in operation, the receipts from v.arious sources, current expenses, net earnings, anrl amount nnd ra^ of ^^^end^a^^ ^m th^ ^^raingof the road. The work is, in fact, a fulland completehistc^i-y ofej^c^i enterpiise l.om its organization to the present timii. The first volume contains 612 pages royal octavo, and embraces tho railroads of tho States of Alaine, New Hampshire, Vermont^ Jl.is^chusetts, Rhode Inland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware. Maryland and the District ofColumbia. It is illustrated by two large mapsone of the New England States, including Canada East, and the other of tlio States of New York, New J^sey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,Mni-y-sa ^.tisg^ionon ^^-yi-o^dis lai^^^^^. Tl^j-.ai-e the firs^ ^liekind published, and a^-e admirable specimens of gcograpliical ucru].;icy and artistic skill- The second valume if! now in course of pi'epai'Ei-tinii. We hnil this work with since^re satisfaction. Hfills up :i!'rrat gap in litei-atui-e relating to theengineering, comnwrce and finance of American railroads. The price of the fi.^t volume is EDUCATION; by Herbert Spencer. Published by D. Appleton & Co., Broadway, this city. The author of this work is one of the ablest writers on the subject in England, and is a constant contributor to the British reviews. In It he discusses the great questions, -'What Knowledge is Most Worth ;" "Intellectual Education;" "Moral I:ducation and H Physical Education." The proper education of mind nnd body the most important questions which can interest human beings ; Mr. Spencer discusses these like a philosopher.