MESSRS. APPLETON & Co., the well known publishers, Nos. 443 and 445 Broadway, this city. have just ifi:ed " New Fairy Stories for My Grandchildren." by Goorpfi K>il : "A Year with Mnppie and Emma;" "A True Story," by MnryJ. Rfclntosli ; nnd **The Young Amprican Picture Gallery," containing 5C0 beautiful pngrnvinpa. All wholove to make children happy, and dplight to PPC their eyes sparkle with joyous lee, will find the above books exactly suited to produce these results. FRANK LESLIE, publisher of the *' Illustrated News-pnper," publishes also "Frank LPBIIP'S Monthly," a magazine of literature, art and fashion; profusely illustrated. HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. Monthly part. By Alex. Havthill&Co., No. 20 North William-street", tliia city. This cnter-prizinp firm.iro now issuing twn ffpfnl journals, nnd are evidently proapfiiine in thei bupinpsp* The ** Household Jnnrnnl " is nn interesting family paper, at $1.60 a year. Monthly parts, 12 cents. ATLANTIC MONTHLY. By Ticknor & Field. Boston. The nnmbpr for December is full of able contributions. This magazine has a high rank. AGRICULTURE must not be overlooked. Ourneiphbor, Charles V. MappH, has icpnpd a splendidly illustrtF1 rntnlnene ot a'l sorts of asricnltiivfll implpmeiitH. Tt is a work of interest to nil who are engaged in this noble pursuit. CENTRAL PARK. C. M. Saxton Barker & Co., Park* row. live published a, Wnp, ypt beautiful enide to the mod remarkable pnierprize of thp kind over undertaken in America, viz.. HIP Central Park, in this city. Our npiphbnr. Snxton, who love? to make people hanpy, will be most hapny to !>ell everprmdy ft puide bonk. He has alao a large etock of all sorts of agricultural works always oa band.