THE MODERN HOUSE CARPENTER'S COMPANION AND BUILDER'S GUIDE. By W. A. Sylvester. Boston: Cupples, Upham & CO., 1884. This little manual on house carpentry i s intended to I supply in a convenient form the principal rules and information needed II everyday workmanship. It contains the simpler problems in constructive geometry, with such applications to building as will cover the ordinary methods of construction. Some details are given concerning Mansard roofs and the primary forms of truss. It also contains considerable information in regard to estimates, strengthof materials, and the use of instruments of measurement. Expanded from the notes of a practical workman, the book is very good, so far as it goes, but it is decidedly elementary, and-will prove s atisfying only to an artisan of rather limited experience. It is well Illustrated with forty-Jive full page plates,