PROCEEDINGS OF THE DAVENPORT ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. Vol IV. 1882-1884. Davenport, Iowa : Published by the Academy, 1886. This fourth volume of the proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences contains a number of papers of permanent scientific value. Mr. J. C. Arthur continues his “ Contributions to the Flora of Iowa,” which have already attracted favorable notice in previous volumes. Dr. C. C. Parry has a number of botanical papers; and in his' chief contribution, “ Chorizanthe,” he has undertaken a complete revision of the genus, which has been received by botanists generally. and has been adopted at the'Royal Herbarium, Kew Gardens, England. The descriptions of new Blastoids and .Crinoids from the Hamilton group are accompanied by fine illustrations. But perhaps the chief interest of the volume centers in its archreologi- i cal contributions. Some of these are of more than] usual merit. Dr. Hoffman of the Bureau of Ethnology has an illustrated paper on Aboriginal Art In “California and Queen Charlotte's Island. An articlEi o:a the Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley, by Mr. William H. Holmes, of the U. S. Geological'Sarvey, is accompanied by excellent illustrations drawn by the author, who is a skillful artist as well as archaeologist. Mr. Harrison and Mr. Preston have papers respectively on mound explorations in Iowa and Illinois. The Elephant Pipes and Inscribed Tablets in the Museum of the Academy have been carefully described by Mr. C. E. Putnam. There are in addition a number of biographical and mlscel laneous papers. which make a total contents ver creditable to the Academy.