Engineering Contracts and Specifi cations. Including a Brief Synopsis of the Law of Contracts aud Illustrath'e Examples of the General and Technical Clauses of Variolls Kinds of Engineering Specifications. By J. B.Johnson, C.E. New York : Engineering News Puhlishing Oompany. 1895. Pp. 417. 8vo. Price $4. Since custom has laid on engineers and architects the duty of writing specifications and contracts, it is weB for them to know something of the legal ground they are forced to traverse. The leading American engineering schools have long needed a text book on the subject of the Jaw of contracts and engineering specifications. In the absence of any snch text, th,s department of engincer. ing practice has received scant and meager treatment at the hands of these schools. This work has been written primarily to serve the purpose of a text book. The author 3 professor of civil engineering at Washington Uni ersity, St. Lonis, Mo., and has imparted instruction on he subject of the book for many years. The value of his work, with its wealth of technical clauses and forms, will be apparent to all engineers and architects. STENOTYPY, or Shorthand by the Typewriter. By the Rev. D. A. Quinn. ProvidelJce : The American Hook Exchange. 1895. Pp. 55. 8vo. Price $1.50. This work gives the details of a system the principles of which can be learned in a few hours, and words may be written with a speed equivalent to two and one-half imes that of the ordinary typewriter. In this system a ypewriter is used. It is based on phonetics, bnt instead arbitrary letter or word signs, the letters of the Roman alpbabet, with figures and stops, are utilized. By a judi cious collocation of capitals and letters, as also figures and stops, a complete system of shorthand has been de ised. Century Magazine. May, October. 1895. Npw York : The Century Company. Gilt cloth. Pp. 960. Price $3. Such a rich. beautiful, highly instructive and exceed-ngly interesting volume as six months' bound numbers of he Century Magazine make can hardly be realized by hose who do not see it in this form, but simply read he separate numbers as they appear from month to month. The bound volumes are also worth a place on he drawing room table for a few weeks,. before being placed on the library shelves, and all good libraries hould have these volumes. The most important serial 3 Professor Sloane's Life of Bonaparte, begun in November, 18M, a work which ha. thns far given large promise of being the most complete and best balanced of aB the accounts thus far put forth of the life and char acter of the great Corsican. Special Consular Reports. Highways of commerce. The otean lim's, railways, canals and other trade routes of foreign countries. Washington : Issued fro!!. the Bureau of Statistics, Department of State, 1895. Pp. 763. 8vo, maps. Received. PHysical, Intellectual, and Moral Advantases oF Chastity. By Dr. M. L. Holbrook. New York : M. L. Holbrook & Co. Pp. 180. Price $1.