THE NAVAL WORDBOOK. Ein systematisches Woei-terbuch marine-technischer Ausdruecke in englisher und deutscher Sprache. Von N. W. Thomas, M.A. Kiel and Leipsic : Lipsiu s & Tischer. 1899. 12mo. Pp. 146. Price 1. The need of a good dictionary of German-English nautical terms has long been felt; and the little book which Mr. Thomas has compiled is therefore to be regarded with more than usual favor. An alphabetical arrangement of terms is perhaps to be preferred to the classification of parts adopted in the dictionary; but the usefulness of the book II' thereby not impaired. Handbuch der Ingrnirurwissen-schaften. Zweiter Band : Der Brueckenbau. Herausgegeben von Th. Landsberg. Dritte vermehrte Auflage, Leipsic : Wilhelm Rngel-mann. 1899. Small quarto. B06 il-lustrations and 30 plates. Pp. 578. Price, paper 8. The admirable first and second editions of the" Handbuch der Ingenieurwissenschaften," so ably supervised by Drs. Schaffer andNone, of the Technical High-School of Darmstadt, are so well known to most engineers, that an extensive review of this third edition is perhaps unnecessary. Prof. Landsberg in the new edition has shown himself fully equal to the task of directing a work which in its scope and thoroughness can be truly termed monumental. The third edition, revised and enlarged, will un- doubtedly take its place among the authoritative books on engineering, Lexikon der Metall-Technik. Redi-girt von Dr. Josef Bersch. Parts 1115. Vienna: A. H artleben. 1899. Each part 70 cents. Die Moderne Chemie. Eine Schilderungen ler chemischen Grossindustrie. Von Dr. Wilhelm Bersch. Parts 1115. Vienna: A. Hartleben. 1899. Each part 70 cents. Both of these works have at various times been noticed in this column. The last installment of each is numbered 15. The "Lexikon der Metall-Technik" is nearing completion; the 11 Moderne Chemie" has still to run through fifteen additional numbers. Evolution du Carbone et de l' Azote dans le Monde Vivant. Par P. Maz . Paris : Georges Carr et C. Naud. 1899. 12mo. Pp. 110. Cloth 1. This little volume on carbon and nitrogen has been written with a care which would do credit to a work more pretentious. The descriptions of chemical reactions, of analyses. and experiments are characterized by a clearness which is indeed refreshing. We have before had occasion to notice the scientific publications of Messrs. Carr et Naud. 11 must be confessed that the standard of the earlier scientific works has been well maintained. The Royal Navy List Diary and Naval, Hand Book for 1900. London : Witherbv & Com pan v, 326 High Holborn. Pp. 609. Price 1.25. This, the third year's issue of this admirable hand book, is characterized by the general excellence which marked its predecessors. The diary portion is arranged to give a whole page to a day and is furnished with separate index. memoranda, etc., schedules for recording all ports visited, and complete schedules for recording drills, etc., and making up official returns. In the letterpress are a calendar of notable naval events ; an obituary for the year and a list of the Benevolent Funds and Institutions of the Royal Navy. Among the original articles is one on the Naval Progress of the year. which is the best of the kind we have read for some time past. Social Life of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century. By Henry Grey Graham. London: Adam & Charles Black. New York: The Macmillan C om pan y. 1899. 8vo. 2 vols. Pp. 520. Price 7.50. The eighteenth century is considered by many to be the most interesting in the Christian era, largely on account of precisely the same social events as are chronicled in these scholarly volumes. Probably no period was so quietly eventful in shaping the fortunes and character of Scotland as this century. The striking incidents of the period and the routine of town and country life all have their place in the readable and handsomely printed pages. Those who are fond of information regarding either men of the period or manners cannot fail to draw valuable knowledge from these admirable volumes, for no phase of the subject seems to have escaped the author. A Brief History of the City of New York. By Charles B. Todd. New York : American Book Company. 1899. 16mo, cloth. Pp. 299. Price 75 cents. It is a most admirable idea to inculcate in the young a love for the history of some city. The history of a country is something general, while that of a city is concrete. No cities save perhaps Rome, London, and Paris repay study as well as New York with its quaint memories of Peter Minuit, Wouter Van Twiller, Wilhelm Kieft, Peter Stuyvesant and others. This little book is a most admirable one, and its field of usefulness should not be allowed to become restricted to the schoolroom ; it can be read by any one with both pleasure and profit. Beasts. Thumb N ail Studies in Pets. By Wardlaw Kennedy. London and New York: The Macmillan C ompan y. 1899. Square 12mo. Pp. 152. Price 1,50. This is one of the most delightful books upon animals that we have seen for a long time. It is a most curious and interesting book, and the illustrations are most desirable. It gives attractive pictures and anecdotes of "Pharaoh," which was brought from the Nile in the ef'g and hatched over a spirit lamp. The comical antics of this animal are second only in interest to the remarkable antics of the pet armadillo and an Indian mongoose. It is a book which we could recommend for the use and instruction of the young who are interested in natural history. An Outline of Ventilation and Warming. Bv William J. Baldwin, New York. 1899. 18mo. Pp. 70. Price 1. The author is a well known expert on heating. and the information given in the little book is in concise form. Etudes sur les Fourmis, les Gu pes, et les Abeilles. Note 18. Aiguillon de la Myrmica rubra. Apparell de fermeture de la gland e venin. Par Charles J anet. Paris : Georges Carre et C. Naud. 1899. Extraits des M moires de la Soci t Zoologique de France. Sur les Nerfs e phaliques. les Corpora Allata. et le Tentorium de la Fourmi. Pur Charles Janet. Three plates. Paris. 1899. Extrait1 des M moires de la Soci t Zoologique de France. Etudes sur It's Fourmis, les Gu pes, et les Abeilles. Anatomie du Corselet de la Myrmica Rubra Reine. Note 18. Par C h arles Janet. One plate. Paris: Georges Carr et C. Naud. 1899.