ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING. By C. Franklin Edminster. New York. 1899. Small 4to. Pp. 210. 96 plates. Sold by Munn & Company. Price The author is instructor in mechanical drawing in the Pratt Institute and is thoroughly competent to prepare a text-book on the subject. In many ways it is one of the best works we have seen on the subject, as regards real helpfulness. The number of mediocre books on architectural drawing is legion, but this work is not in their class. It gives exactly the kind of information for which the architectural draughtsman is always in need. We wish to accentuate the value of this book both for use in schools and by the student working by himself. The illustrations are well reproduced and are carefully drawn. OUR NATIVE BIRDS. HOW to Protect Them and Attract Them to Our Homes. By D. Lange. New York : The Macmillan Company. 1899. 16mo. Pp. 162. Price $1. The wanton destruction of birds is one of the most cruel manifestations of our modern civilization, and anything which can be done to mitigate it will be welcomed by all rfeht-thinking persons. The present volume is one of the best briefs for the bird we have seen, and we wish it all success. A concerted effort to abate the evils and to promote the love of birds would certainly be productive of much good. IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE. Principles and Practice of their Cultural Phases. By F. H. Kingr. New York: Macmillan Company. 1899. 12uio. Pp. 502. Price $1 50. The present volume belongs to the Bural Science Series, and is devoted to what we might call the " new " agriculture. They say you cannot farm by a book; it is doubtful if this old saw is true to-day. Any farmer would profit by the perusal of this book, and it has been placed within his means. Drainage is one thing which the farmer can of ten control at little expense, and it behoves him to do it. POWER TRANSMITTED BY ELECTRICITY AND APPLIED BY THE ELECTRIC MOTOR. By Philip Atkinson. A.M., Ph.D. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company. 1899. 12uio. Pp. 241. Price $2. The subject of the electric transmission of power has increased so much in importance since 1893, that a new and revised edition was called for. The work is clearly written and can be comprehended by all. MAP SHEET OF TWO WARS. Buffalo. N. Y.: Matthews-Northrup Company. Price 10 cents. The best maps we have seen of the Philippine insurrection and the seat of the Transvaal war.