The Ignition Hand·Book. By H. R. Van Deventer, E. E. Price, 50 cents. Defective ignition is a great trouble maker. The first part of this tract is devoted to the various ignition systems and equipment, and the methods of installing and operating them. The features of the high and low tension systems, popularly known as the jump·spark and the make·and·brook, are explained by text and illustration, and their respective adaptabilities, excellencies, and drawbacks are catalogued. 'fhe latter part of the trca tise is given over to a particular type of magneto manufactured by a Southern firm. The Steel Workers. By John a. Fitch. New York: Charities Publication Committee, 1910. 8vo.; 380 pp.; illustrated. Price, postpaid, $1.71. "The Steel Workers” gives us a series of vivid glimpses into the clanging, roaring, seething inferno of the min.-glimpses that, like the impressions on a running cinematograph flm, merge into one faithful picture of men eternally in action at hammer and furnace, at charging machine, stripper, and rolls. Sparks and vapors and molten iron create a backg,round spectacular in the extreme, but the men who toil before this scenic display for twelve hours each day are conscious only of a stern, prosaic duty to be done in the face of ever·present dangel, with a weary body at the day's end. “Homestead,” Margaret Bying· ton's contribution to the Pittsburgh Survey, took up the family side of the employee's existence. “The Steel Workers” shows us the man in relation to his w()rk. Since the great strike of 1892, which resulted in victory for the emplayer, the subjugation of the employee has been complete, and men have been discharged for caIling meetings to discuss the issues which Mr. Fitch handles in the present volume. As one old resident said, “If you want to talk in Homestead, you must talk to yourself.” So Mr. Fitch takes up the cause of the man whose life is molded and fixed by the inexorable will of the steel kings, and leaves to others the interpretation of the steel industry from its administrative, commercial and technical sides. Metal Work and Etching. By John d. Adams. Chicago: Popular Mechanics Company, 1911. 12mo.; 88 pp.; illustrated. Price, 25 cents. This is a handbook giving a list of the simple tools and materials, with concise directions as to their use in the fabrication of such novelties in metal as desk sets, candle sconces, hinges, photograph frames, and jewelry. The designs are in excellent taste, and open up a large field of artistic handiwork to those whose choice falls upon occupations and hobbies of this kind. Heat. By j. Gordon Ogden, Ph.D. Chicago: Popular Mechanics Company, 1911. 12mo.; 119 pp. Price, 25 cents. There are doubtless many who will welcome a short, popular exposition of high and low temperatures in their relations to applied mechanics. Some of the phases of the subject which pass under examination are : Heat and its measurement; the production of low temperatures and their elects upon matter; the production of h1gh temperatures and their uses in connection with the rare metals ; the laws of expansion and contraction. There are also chapters on energy and fuels, artificial ice, and steam, boilers and engines. Thoughts on the Book of Revelation. By Uriah Smith. Washington: Review Herald Publishing Association. Price, 25 cents. The expounder argues that the very name shows this to be a book of revelation and not a manuscript of concealed meanings. He endeavors to follow what is known as the literal system of interpretation, taking words and phrases in their commonest significance Ind attempting to show that history has responded to the voice of prophecy. Under the Roof of the Jungle. a Book of Animal Life in the Guiana Wilds. By Charles Livingston Bull. Boston: l. c. Page&Co ·, 1911. 8vo · · 271 pp ., iliustrated. price, $2 net. It is indeed an “amazing landscape” which is here unfolded before us in description and illustration, and the dramatis personae are no less remarkable and sensati(nal than their background. Still, the Guiana jungles are places where the sensational becomes the commonplace. There are storios of jungle cats that !lay with rolled· up armadillos as a kitten plays with a ball; of troops of black spider monkeys, precipitating themselves from tree to tr('e in their terJo·r·stl'icken flight from the jaguar; of curious and deadly encounters in which birds, beasts and reptIles take part; of strange, loathsome little animals, of birds of ill·omen that follow a tapir calf for days, and of “green dragons” and “crested robbers” that lurk in foliage and prey upon the weak. Whether some of the situations into which the writer brings his animal actors are over-drawn or not we can not say, but he has certainly succeeded in making real to his reaqer some of the glamor, some of the mystery, and some of the horror of the haunts he describes. LEGAL NOTICES OVER 65 YEARS' EXPERIENCE de Marks Designs Copyrights c. INVENTORS are Invited to communicate with Munn&eo•• 301 Broadway, New York, or fj"a F Street, Washington, D. 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