The Prnciples of Industrial Management. By John C. Duncan. New York; Appleton&Co., 1911. 323 pp. Price, $2. The book is diyided into thre( main seeiions devoted resp(ctivply to “The Economic Environment,” “The Equiplnent of the Plant,” and “Organization and Management.” It deals on broad lines, and yet in eonsiderable dcblil, with the various factors upon which the e('onomIc SUCCCSS of an industrial enterprise depends. 'he theory of industrial location, the different forms of “business concentration and integration,” and the rationale of business SPtcialization are sOllle of the topics discussed in the first part of the book. The first three chapters of the second part follow a classification of the various industries as “synthetical'” “analytical” and “assem,hling industries,” a number of specific examples of each kind heing di,s(uss(d as regards questions lplating to plant equipment. Other topics taken up in this POItion of the book are “Fire Pr('caution"; “The Building,” especially in its relation to thl' workers ; and “The Power Problem.” The last section discusses the different types of organiza tions, the labor force, and the methods of keeping records of work, equipment, raw materials, etc., and controlling expenditures in wages and purchases accordingly. ' 'he subject with wldeh Prof. Duncan d6als is one of the greatest practical intlrest, and will apPlal to all who take any share in industrial work. Moeurs de8 IXsectes. By J. H. Fabre. Paris: Delagrave, 1910. 271 pp.; 12mo. 'his VOIUl is a selection of essays from the author's “Souvenirs Entomologiques.” Thesp delightfully writtln essays in a popular vein have been widely circulated in }ance, as thej justly deserve to be. They arc lit('rature of a most artistic kind, ev('n tllough the subject is scientific. Sketch of a Course of Chemical Philosophy. By S. Cannizzaro (1858). Alembic Club Reprints. University of Chicago Press, 1911. Price, 43 cents. To the person who has once acquir"d the habit of viewing the main facts of modelll science in close relation to their historic dr'-velopment, this standpoint acquires a sptcial value which is more easily appreciated than explained. The growth of a science is itself a natural phenolPllon of peculiar intrlfst, and probably no one ever made himself the master of any branch of science, who did not in the process acquire a fairly complete knowledge of the gem,sis and history of that scienct. The conSUltation of first hand sOUl'ces, as compared with the mere reading of textbook reproductions, has, upon the student, an influence somewhat akin to that which personal contact with the great workers in science exerts. 'hese things can be felt, but are difficult to analyze and explain. That they have been keenly felt by some of the foremost m(n of scitnce is the cause of the publication of such series of re, prints of classical scientific papers a,s the Alembic Club Heprints in English, and Ost-wald's Klassiker in German. To ex!ress commendation of such publications, in vipw of the great authorities who have not merely passively approved of them, but actively a,ssisted in their realization, would seem almost presumptuous, and is at any rate quite unnecessary. That the present little volume should form one of such a series is particularly fitting. In it Cannizzaro presents with the masterly methDd Of a gn,at teacher the fundamental facts which form the • baSI. S of Avogadro, s hypothesI. s. It must be rememMred that, while this hypothesis had been put forward as early as 1811. more than forty years prior to the date of Canniz-zaro's work here republished, v(ry little notice had been taken of Avogadro's law, and its immense importance to chemistry was not realized. WithDut this hypothesis a rational system of atomic weights was impossible, chemieal notation was in a bewildering state, and the proper interpretation of all those relations between elements, which are closely connected with their atomic weights. was rendered extremely difficult. It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance to the chemical world of Cannizzaro's influence in bringing about the general appreciation of Avogadro's hypothesis. 'he little book should be in the library of every teacher of chemistry. The Principles ?]' M achiXe W ork. B Y Robert H. SmIth. Boston: Education Book Company. 8vo.; 388 pp.; 434 illustrations. Price, $3. This textbook, which takes up the subject where “The Elements of Machine Work” dropped it, admits technical students into the secrets of engine and speed lathes, drilling and grinding machines, steel cutting, measuring, turning, fitting, threading, chucking. reaming, jigs, fixtures, and cylindrical grinding. Mechanisms, tools and their approved methods of use arc shown in original pcrsppctive and mrchanical drawings while condensed tabl"” bri(fy describe them. The common machining opery tions, with typical problems, are given in schedu]es which name the material, processes, machines, speeds, fecds, jigs, fixtur(s, and tools. As a gnide to the young student or shop ap-' prentice the work should prove invaluable. Sec Be. Amcr., U('/. 8, /V/U MODEL NO. 3 The Kullmer Equatorial Star Finder The new model is now ready for delivery. This is the first star finder that points directly at the stars. Less than a year on the market it is already used by most of the large universities; it is, however, especially intended for and adapted to the amateur astronomer. The price of the new model is $10, express paid. Money refunded if not satisfied. Send for circular. C. J. Kullmer, 505-W University PI., Syracuse, N. Y. 10a ill. ! liilit.u(lt. 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