The Copper Handbook. 1910-1911. Vol. X. Compiled and published by Horace J. Stevens. Houghton, Michigan. 8vo.; 1902 pp. In “The Copper Handbook” we find a vast amount of information, both historical and timely. Copper in its geological, chemical, and mineralogical aspects; its mining, milling, and concentrating; its hydrometallurgy, pyro-metallurgy, and electrometallurgy ; its alloys ; the various grades, uses, and substitutes; a glossary of mining terms; chapters on the copper deposits of the Americas, of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia; a section of reliable and valuable statistics—in a word, we have a handbook crammed with facts pertaining to copper in its relation to industry, and to the industries. Three-fourths of the space is taken up by an alphabetical presentment of the copper mines of the world, their location, date of organization, capitalization, a description of shafts and levels, the nature and extent of - deposits and present condition of activity—many being characterized. as “idle for years,” “idle and apparently moribund,” and “dead.” There must be upward of .9,000 mines described in this section of the work. The Art of Life. The Way to Health and Longivity. By Jogender Lai Chundra, L. M. S. Calcutta,- India: Published by the Author, 5, Gopee Kris-to Paul's Lane, 1911. The spelling of the sub-title is the- author's. In spite of the quaint English and fantastic spelling, Dr. Chundra's curious little work is on the whole sane and progressive. Drugs and drug treatments, while' not entirely ' condemned, are ..s ubordinated to hygienic and dietetic principles. The papers embody, among other themes, a distinct contribution as to the value of common salt in the system; a survey of the diseases mbst prevalent in India, with notes on their geographical distribution and the conditions which favor them; and- an incursion into so-called “personal magnetism,” colored, of course, by the Oriental viewpoint and philosophy. King Arthur and His Knights. An Abridgment of Le Morte d'Arthur. Edited by Henry Burrowes Lathrop. Illustrated by Reginald Birch. New York: The Baker&Taylor Company. 8vo. Price, $1.50 net. Emphasis is laid upon the fact that this is not a series of excerpts from the original, but a careful abridgment in which the utmost has been done to retain in one volume of moderate size all the vivid coloring and incident of Malory's narrative. The story of the Morte d'Arthur is told, substantially as Malory told it, in a connected series of vital episodes that can not fail to appeal strongly to young people. Indeed, the sole purpose is to bring within the scope of youthful interest what is truthfully claimed to be the most delightful record of its kind which the English language has to offer. Animal Intelligence. Experimental Studies. By Edward L. Thorndike. New York: The Macmillian Company, 1911. 8vo.; 297 pp.; diagrams. The author here presents in one volume a number of monographs which have been published separately and as papers in scientific periodicals. His avowed purpose is to make accessible to students of biology and psychology his own experiments in animal intellect and behavior. His research has led him to deprecate the employment of introspection as thE) chief method of psychology, which he prefers to regard as largely the science of behavior J and a virtual extensioJ, of physiology. The | experiments are primary and simple, but, like : all simple things of this kind, illuminate the higher phases of being for those who are able to read their lymbolism aright. 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