TIERWANDERUNGEN IN DER URWELT. Von Wilhelm Boelsche, Stuttgart: Franck-h'sche Verlagshandlung, 1913. In this excellent little book Wilhelm Boelsche, one of the most popular writers on scientific: subjects in Germany, discourses interestingly on those migrations in the animal kingdom which have played their part in the evolution of species. The book may be recommended for its simplicity to those German-reading Americans who take an Interest in biology. TELEPHON- UND SIGNAL-ANLAGEN. Ein Praktischer Leitfaden die Erriettung Electrischer Pernmeide- (Schwach- ' strm-) Anlagen. Herausgegeben von. Carl Beckmann, Berlin: J ulius Springer, 1914. Mit 426 Abbildungen und Schaltungen und einer Zusammenstellung der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen Fernmeldeanlagen. A text book of the theory, construction and Dperation of telephones, with full descriptions of accessories and lay-outs. It is profusely iilus- tratet and is a valuable took, either for study or 1 for reference, ] MECHANICS FOR BUILDERS. Part I. By Edward L. Bates and Frederick Charles- , worth. New York: Longmans, Green Co., 1913. 12mo.; 201 pp.; with diagrams. Price, SI net. Part I of the work in hand is designed to meet the requirements of students attending classes but one evening each week; used in this way, it constatutes a flrst-year course, which Part II continues as a second-year course. But the work may all be 1 completed in a single year If the student can devote | more time to the subject. The appeal ol the work lies in its adaptation to its viewpoint--it keeps . the builder and building requirements constantly in mind, and aims to make the examples and exercises typical and practical. MODERN SEISMOLOGY. By G. W. Walker, A.R.C.Sc, M.A., F.R.S. New York: Longmans, Green Co., 1913. 8vo.; 94 pp.; with plates and diagrams. Price, $1.40 net. This authoritative monograph on preserrt-day . seismology is limited to Its consideration as a branch of physics. Incidentally, it is an appreciation of Milne and his work; for this we are grateful, since Milne's position as the father of modern seismology has received scant recognition. The first four chapters deal with seismometry-- dynamical theory; sensitiveness, damping and registration; the various types of seismograph; their standardization and installation. The latter part of the work comes under seismogeophysics, and treats of the theory of a solid Isotropie earth, the interpretation of seisniograms, and the determination of epicenter and focus. An interesting chapter is that on "Seismic Effects other than Those Due to Earthquakes." The work concludes with a statistical consideration of the subject. THE ECONOMICS OF TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES. By John Lee, M.A., Traffic Manager Post Office Telegraphs. London and New York: Sir Isaac Pitman Sons, Ltd. 8vo.; 8 pp. Price, 2s. 6d., net. This very interesting review of telephone and telegraph activity in its relation to social and commercial conditions is written from an English standpoint, but American practice ami development occupies much space in the comparisons. Our tariff systems are commended, and we are given full praise for the degree to which we ourselves of these modes of communication. The industrial and social influences and trends of telegraph and telephone operations are authoritatively sketched, and the study furnishes lessons for the present as well as prophecies for the future. The author's conclusions indicate the advisability of government ownership. He states that this is the natural conclusion to which research has led Mm, and not the result of any original bias. BEATON'S ANNUAL. The Commercial Handbook of Canada and Board of Trade Register. 1914. Toronto: Heaton's Agency. 12tno.; 590 pp. The present issue of the Annual completes the first decade of its publication. The traveler, the business man, anyone at all interested in the common wealth across the border, will find here a wealth of useful information relating to the industries and activities of the Dominion. Its governmental departments, its titled people. Its postal and cable regulations, and its customs tariffs and rules are embodied in brief bat adequate statements. Its financial information is full and authoritative. There is a list of Canadian attorneys, others of railways and steamship lines and a table gives the cost of travel. The shipper's guide is a feature of wide appeal, and its "local opportunities" presents invaluable information to those Interested. There is also a list of Canadian publications, and a section of tables dealing with currency, discounts, income on stocks, wages and freight. GRUNDLAGEN DEE PHYSIK DES FLUGES. Von Dr. Raimund Nimfhr. Mit 10 Figuren im Text. Wien: Druckerei-Uttd Verlags-Aktiengesellschaft vorm. R. ?. Waldheim, Jos. Eberle und Co. Leipzig: Otto Kleim, 1913. j PRACTICE LETTERS POK BEGINNERS IN ? SHORTHAND. By D. J. George. New j York: Isaac Pitman Sons, 1914. Price, 35 cents. FIBST LESSONS IN ISAAC PITMAN SHOB'P-BAND. New York: Isaac Pitman Sons, 1814. Prioe 10 oeats.